Why is a Hindu family worshipping the Tulsi plant at home?

Tulsi Maadam:

Tulsi Maadam is a raised construction on which a Tulsi plant is set up for worship.
Tulsi Maadam

Basil is one of the most medicinally powerful of all plant species. We know that plants normally take in carbon dioxide from the air and release oxygen. But the Tulsi plant emits more oxygen than other plants. The Tulsi plant has the property of purifying the complete air in the environment. This is why they have a system of planting Tulsi, which emits more oxygen, in every house and worshiping around it in the early hours of the morning.

From 3'o clock to 5'o clock in the morning is called Brahma Muhurtam in Tamil Calendar. It is at this time that so many aspects of nature seem to be most freshly refined. Today's scientists say that this is the time when ozone is high. The essence of this is that if you walk around a basil plant early in the morning when the air is naturally more oxygenated, you can breathe in more clean oxygen. This tradition is based on the idea that all living beings should breathe clean oxygen and live healthy lives.

Now they are going to plant lakhs of tulsi plants around the Taj Mahal to save it. Because preventing air pollution around the Taj Mahal could save the legendary building from rapid destruction, scientists say. It is true that if a tulsi plant protects a stone-built building, it can protect a flesh-and-blood human being.

Not only that, Tulsi also has a very important place in medicine. There is no Ayurveda and Siddha medicine without Tulsi. They have placed it as a worship ritual in our Hindu religion so that all people should discover such a wonderful plant and experience its benefits deeply. No other religion has the practice of worshiping the plant like this.

If you go to any Swami Narayan temple, if you bow to god Narayana for mental health, Tulsi Theertha is given for physical health and a piece of Tulsi leave is given in your hand to taste as prasadam. So we must understand well that Hindu Dharma is guiding all of us through the combination of psychology and science. Go to Narayan temple once a week. Don't come without eating tulsi prasadam, ok!.

Nowadays, they believe that money will come if they keep a money plant at home, they spend money and buy a money plant and keep it at home and watch the sky to see if the money will fall on the roof. But worshiping Tulsi with Tulsi maadam is the tenth superstition and they will not respect it. Try to grow a basil plant in the home first before you want to put a rose plant. It is good for your health as it prevents environmental pollution and is good for society.

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