Fruits contain many nutrients and are beneficial for health.

Many of us do not know about this rose apple fruit which is eaten by most people abroad. It is commonly found in cold regions of our country. Although it is known to the people living in the hilly areas, its benefits on a large scale have only recently come to light.
Jambu water apple

'Water apple' has a distinct mixed taste of apple and guava. India is home to the water apple tree, which can only grow as tall as a man. With a light red color and high water content, this apple is loaded with various medicinal properties.

Many names

These rose apple trees are now commonly grown in the delta land as well. The fruit is bell-shaped (conical) and rose in color. It is called by many names like water apple, paneer fruit, and paneer apple. In India, it is called Jam fruit. Don't think that this fruit is only good in taste. It is also important for medicinal uses.

Because it contains a lot of nutrients. Now let us have a detailed look at the medicinal properties of rose apple. If you have read this, you will definitely buy this fruit and eat it.

For diabetes

This rose apple fruit helps in solving countless problems like diabetes, preventing cancer, increasing immunity, digestive problems, and convulsion. It is additional information that this fruit is also used in traditional medicine.

Every fruit contains countless vitamins and nutrients that can protect our health. So let's see what nutrients Rose Apple contains.

Vitamin C and A

Prevents cell damage

Water apple is rich in various nutrients like vitamin C, A, B1, B3, iron, calcium, and potassium. Its phenolic compounds called flavonoids make it an excellent remedy for problems like heart disease, cancer, and arthritis. Prevents cell damage due to pollutants and chemicals. The antioxidant property of water apple has the ability to remove toxins from the body.

Prevents stroke

Water apples are low in sodium and bad cholesterol. It reduces health effects like stroke, muscle inflammation, oxidative damage, atherosclerosis, blood pressure, etc. In foreign countries, this fruit is regularly included in the daily diet. If you regularly eat water apples, the immunity of the body will increase.

Relieves constipation

Water apple can reduce the level of harmful triglycerides and bad cholesterol in the blood. Being rich in water content, it prevents dryness in the body. Increases metabolism and regulates body weight. Rich in fiber, this fruit relieves constipation.

Relieves Muscle spasms pain

The potassium and water content in the water apple strengthens the muscles. Relieves muscle spasms caused by dehydration. This fruit is an excellent remedy for liver damage caused by alcohol and smoking, anemia, malnutrition, taking hepatotoxic drugs, etc.

Suitable for pregnant women

Water apple is rich in vitamin 'A' and iron. It has the ability to relieve dehydration, body aches, and fatigue in women after childbirth. 'Water apple' is also an excellent remedy for vomiting and fainting during pregnancy.

This fruit is used in countless medicines. In particular, it plays a major role in Ayurvedic medicine.

*In Malaysia, a type of coffee made from the bark of the water apple tree is used to treat thrush.

* Its juice helps to get a solution for brain and liver problems.

* Flowers of water apple help to ward off fever.

* Its leaves have diuretic and anti-inflammatory properties that help treat eye ulcers and rheumatism.

* The seeds of water apple help to cure diarrhea.

* Native to Cuba, water apple root is used to treat epilepsy.

* Colombians use water apple seeds as a pain reliever.

Water apples contain an alkaloid 'jambosine'. It converts starch into sugar. Like novel fruit, diabetics can also eat this fruit to control diabetes. As water apple is high in fiber, it helps regulate cholesterol. By this, the chances of all heart-related diseases are reduced, i.e. heart attack, stroke, etc.

These rose apples are available in red, light green, and white colors. Now many people are aware of this rose apple and it is widely available all over Tamil Nadu.