Today's 'Taste' is 'Poison'

"Your health is ruined by the taste your tongue seeks".

Today I want to share with you something that scares me the most. This is bad for our society!

It is nothing else.

Today the only shops anywhere on our street are food, food, food.

Food has become a big business in India, particularly in Tamilnadu.

The whole of India is designed to keep everyone engaged to eat something.

None of it is typical food.

For example, rice, idli, dosa, Pongal, Upuma, Chapathi, etc. are derisive food items. Many restaurants still not have these menus.

Only breads and curries are served heavily at dinner.

Biryani and paratha varieties are more common than rice at lunchtime.

I hope breakfast is not the only thing affected in this line. Soon it can also be filled with foods like oatmeal, burgers, sandwiches, noodles, and pasta. A series of television commercials are inculcating just that.

In all my relatives' houses where only one type of food was served, today two or three types of food are served together. The reason for this change is unknown. But all this has happened in the last five years.

They don't realize it. This can be attributed to food shows on YouTube channels.

I am still confused when I see a sign in a shop that says 99 varieties of parathas are available.

They also fry ice cream and eat it. Ice cream is served on a firestone called a sizzler. Why these changes?

All types of food in the world are available almost everywhere in India.  Shops like Pizza and Savarma are seen in every town.

Wherever you look at a bakery, the products sold are not made there, someone makes and delivers everything.

The taste doesn't even taste old, there's too much Dalda mix. It should dissolve on the tongue immediately.

The study says that no one in the town has teeth and does not need to bite. Hard-biting products are not available for sale.

Desserts and cake varieties have increased. With the increase in sweets, the dental clinic is also increasing in our country.

Indian items are not available in our local grocery shops. Mostly other country items are on sale.

Why are there only packets of food even with snacks? The taste that was once not at all good with heavy bad taste. Today, from the airport to the grocery store, people have become accustomed to it.

The main reason for this is the growing number of supermarket stores. They can only offer lower prices if they buy in bulk. So they only sell the products of big business companies.

Looking at its fashionable look. People start going there thinking they will get everything.

Smaller grocery stores have also started selling the same product to attract those people to their stores.

Thus, Many families who produced goods in the old way will be destroyed. Even in our town, Metro is a big store that is growing over everything else.

Even on a four-hour train journey with a ticket of Rs 100, more than ten food items are sold. People spend more than a hundred rupees on it.

No one considers spending on food to be an unnecessary expense. That is the basic capital of this business.

People eat food first through their eyes, they eat with their eyes. Then they buy everything they see and eat what they like and throw away what they don't like.

Earlier there was a habit of eating out as there was no time to come home and cook while going out.

But now, if you order it at any time, it will be delivered to your home everywhere.

There is no talk of hunger here, only taste.

Each region's diet is modeled to suit its local climate.

But bringing them all together, all over the place, is a massive battle that is wreaking havoc on the human genome.

I am reminded of Kamal Haasan saying in an interview that even delicious food turns into poo the next day.

You must realize that the Indian race is being destroyed by foreign food.

Get out of the hunger pangs of taste and go back to Indian cuisines that cure hunger.

They should rid themselves of foreign foods.

If this doesn't happen, write it down, in the next ten years cancer clinics will be popping up all over town.

Death at a young age, overweight children, and heart attacks are all rampant.

The post made me think!

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