Do you know the benefits of eating Sago?

Our country's diet is largely based on a vegetarian diet that does not consume other living organisms. Also, many festivals dedicated to deities are celebrated in this country. 


At that time, only sattvic food was prepared and offered to the Lord. Javvarisi is a food item that is included in the sattvic food list. When talking about Sago, the first thing that comes to mind is Sago Payasam which is made on special days. Sago is a processed vegetarian food. This is made from starch extracted from Cassava. It is also known as Sago, Sakudana, Saputana, and Souvari in the vernaculars of India. Here you can find out the benefits of eating food made from this ingredient.

Benefits of Sago

To stop Dysentery

There are very dangerous germs in the food we eat, and if we consume it, we get Dysentery. People who suffer from this condition will become very tired due to increased water loss in the body. Sago is a simple natural remedy for this problem. If the people affected by dysentery are adults, put 20 grams of sago in water, boil it, and drink it in hot form, it will stop soon. If 5 grams of sago is boiled in water and given to children to eat, the effect of dysentery will stop immediately.

Ulcer healing

Doctors call ulcers that occur in the digestive organs such as the esophagus, stomach, and intestines. People who avoid eating breakfast every day and people who smoke a lot of cigarettes are easily affected by ulcers. Sago is very effective in healing such ulcers. Frequent consumption of any food made from Sago can heal ulcers in the intestines and digestive organs and make the intestinal wall smooth so that the digested food can pass easily through the esophagus.

Nutritional food

Sago is rich in protein and carbohydrate nutrients. Instead of eating rice food frequently, eating foods made with sago can give the body plenty of energy. Especially for those who are involved in sports, eating foods made with sago will quickly replace the lost nutrients in their body and give strength to the muscles. Keeps body and mind active.

Get rid of anemia

Anemia occurs when the production of red blood cells decreases in our blood. Anemia occurs mostly in children, especially girls. Sago is a powerful food that increases hemoglobin and red blood cells in our body. Therefore, regular consumption of sago-based foods can prevent anemia in children.

Increase immunity

Like most fruits, sago is rich in vitamins. It is especially rich in vitamin A and vitamin C. These two vitamins help to boost the immune system in the body. By regularly eating foods made with sago, the vitamins contained in it are available and our immune system is strengthened. Prevents fever and infectious diseases from approaching us.

Make teeth stronger

Doctors say that the teeth in our mouth also play an important role in our health. By chewing food well, food is digested faster. It is necessary to have strong teeth to grind those foods well. Sago is rich in calcium. Regular consumption of sago is accompanied by high levels of calcium in the bones and teeth, making them both stronger. Prevents tooth enamel from disappearing away quickly.

For strong bones

There are bone mineral density and bone mass in human bones. Human bones do not break easily when they are strong. But with age, strong bone mineral density and bone mass decreases. Sago is rich in calcium. For those who regularly eat foods made with this ingredient, the calcium content in it strengthens the bone mineral inside the bones and prevents osteoporosis.

Keep the heart running smoothly

For our hearts to function well and stay healthy for a long time, we need to eat foods that are low in fat every day. Sago is high in protein. People who eat these sago foods prevent high cholesterol in the blood. This regulates the movement of the blood vessels and heart muscles leading to the heart and prevents heart damage.

Control diabetes

Diabetes is one of the worst diseases that can happen to humans. It is necessary to keep the sugar level in their blood under this condition at the right level so that it does not rise too much and at the same time does not fall too much. Sago is rich in carbohydrate nutrients that keep blood sugar levels in diabetics. Diabetic patients who consume it regularly keep their blood sugar level at the right level.

Resolve blood pressure problem

Most of the men and women who reach the age of 35 start having problems related to blood pressure. If this blood pressure is not taken care of, there is a risk of causing effects like stroke and cerebral palsy. Sago contains a small amount of potassium. This potassium relaxes the pressure in the blood vessels and brings the high blood pressure back to normal level quickly. It also reduces the excess stress on the heart muscles due to high blood pressure.