Medicinal Benefits of using Mustard oil 

The use of oil in our traditional food preparation is inevitable. There are many types of oil that we consume in our daily diet. Mustard oil is an oil that is used in tiny quantities by very few people. Here are the benefits of consuming this mustard oil.

Mustard oil
Mustard oil benefits

Appetite stimulant

Mustard oil acts as an appetite stimulant. It increases the metabolism of our body, improves digestion, and stimulates appetite. People with poor appetite often consume foods made with mustard oil to stimulate appetite and increase appetite.

Wounds, scars

Bleeding injuries occur when the body is hit. Mustard oil can heal these bleeding wounds quickly. It also prevents the formation of germs in the wounds and heals the wounds quickly. Mustard oil should be applied regularly to prevent the formation of pressure sores on the body due to injuries.

Foot diseases

Some people get foot ulcers because they walk barefoot and get infected by some germs on the floor. People who use shoes often can get bacterial infection on their feet and callus etc. It is enough to apply some mustard oil daily in the places mentioned above to heal them quickly.

Digestive power

Many people are unable to properly digest the food they eat. Such people eat a small amount of food made with mustard oil from time to time, so the stomach and intestines are cleaned well and they get rid of various diseases related to indigestion and intestines.


Mustard oil contains very powerful chemicals. For those who regularly use it on the body and in food, the chances of skin and stomach-related cancers are greatly reduced. Prevents any cancer in the internal organs of those who eat small amounts frequently.


Due to chemical changes in the cells of the skin and hereditary reasons, some people develop a disease called psoriasis. Mustard oil works well in reducing this deficiency. Apply Mustard oil before going to bed at night and wash it off after waking up in the morning. If you follow this regularly, you can cure psoriasis.


It is important to keep the hair healthy. Nowadays, many people have problems with dandruff and lice. To get rid of these, apply mustard oil on the head, let it soak for an hour, and then take a bath. If you take a bath like this for three weeks, you can get rid of long-term dandruff and lice problems.


The sinus is a fluid-filled cavity that accumulates in and around our nose when we have a cold. To get rid of this sinus problem, take 2 drops of mustard oil in the nose every morning and evening. Mustard oil can also be used in food to relieve sinus problems.


Some people are bitten by highly poisonous insects and beetles that cause severe toxic effects on the body. Rubbing mustard oil on the affected area will break the poison of insects and beetle bites.

The heart

Mustard oil is rich in good cholesterol. It contains monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats. These are very good for heart health. So those who consume this mustard oil regularly in their diet will get rid of all the heart-related problems.