Lakshmana's wife Urmila is the real heroine in Ramayana. Because she sacrificed her life for 14 years after her husband Lakshmana went to the forest with Rama.

Urmila ramayan heroine

It seems that both Valmiki and Kambar have obscured this character. Sita is the adopted daughter of Janakamaharaja. But Janakar's real daughter is Urmila! Janaka's younger brother was Gujastvaja. His daughter is Mandavi. She is married to Bharatha. Another daughter is Srudhakirti. She is married to Shatrukan.

These four sisters are not happy at their in-law's home! This is why in those days they were very reluctant to marry an elder sister and a younger sister to the same house. And Lakshmana's wife Urmila is actually not only the hidden heroine, but she has gotten her husband's 14 years of sleep and lived for him.

While Rama and Sita were sleeping in the hut in the forest, Lakshmana would keep watch outside the hut for their safety without sleeping. At that time, Nithradevi, unable to make Lakshmana sleep, became very upset. She tells Lakshmana, "Look, you can't like this without sleep. If I want to leave you, share your sleep with another person. I will leave you." Immediately Lakshmana said, "Go to my wife Urmila and tell her to take my sleep as I said. She will surely agree."

Nithradevi also went to Urmila to tell the matter, she also understood her husband's condition and took his sleep and spent most of those 14 years sleeping.

It was because of Urmila that Lakshmana was able to kill Ravana's son Indrajit, who was fighting unseen! How is it that to kill Indrajit, one must stay awake for 14 years without sleeping. It was possible only because Urmila got her husband's sleep. Urmila's help is like the invisible help of our ancestors. It has a tendency to go unnoticed by the outside world.

Moreover, Lakshmana visits Urmila before going to the forest with Raman. At that time, when the city of Ayodhi was engulfed in sorrow, Lakshmana became very angry seeing Urmila well combed and beautified, wearing all the ornaments and sitting comfortably on the bed. Also, Urmila insists that she married Lakshmana to enjoy royal pleasures and therefore Lakshmana should not go to the forest with Rama.

Lakshmana, who has gone to the height of hatred, scolds her severely and leaves the place.

The moment Lakshmanan leaves, Urmila is crying. In other words, she has staged such a play to make Lakshmanan hate her completely. She thought that her husband should not let any deficiency in the services he had to render to Rama. The highest thought prevailed in her mind that no obscenities about her should be in his mind.

14 years later, after Rama arrives in Ayodhi, and sees Lakshmana's apathetic behavior, Sita questions Urmila about it. At first, Urmila refuses to say anything to Sita. At one point, Urmila, moved by the tears of a pregnant Sita, explains the truth. Awestruck, Sita melts saying that even a thousand Seeta's like me will not be worth to one Urmila.

Sita tells this truth to Lakshmana who takes her in a chariot and leaves her in the forest. Lakshmana was heartbroken. Sita asks Lakshmana not to abandon her like Rama.

Lakshmana rushes to see Urmila. The next moment he sees her, Lakshmana forgets that she is his wife and falls prostrate at her feet. Her clasped feet are wet with Lakshmana's tears and he realizes how big and valuable Urmila's help is to him.

In this way, some people have helped us even without knowing it. It may go unnoticed till the end!