The exponential increase in air pollution by a variety of factors, makes respiratory disorders and threatening to the lungs.

Statistic steady saying that most of the old people dying due to Severe respiratory disorder. It's ranked second in the deaths. We will see some of the foods that keep the lungs healthy. These foods clean lungs from air pollution and smoking. So it is important to include these foods in the daily diet.

Pomegranate fruit prevents lung tumors. It was a wonderful fruit that will settle respiratory problems.

Apples are rich in Flavonoids and vitamin E, B and C. So apples can give potential breathing benefit.

Carrots may help to remedy respiratory disorders. These appear to be filled with vitamins A and C, so it's helping to maintain lung health. Walnuts, almonds and hassle nuts are rich in protein and Omega-3 fatty acids. So these nuts are good for lung health.

Orange fruit is rich in vitamin C deficiency. This is an excellent fruit to eat for smokers. They play an important role in increasing the ability of the lungs to the inhalation of oxygen.