Green gram contained much calcium and phosphorus. It has much Protein, Carbohydrate, little iron. Also, it is rich in fiber and minerals.

It is very good for pregnant women. Boiled Green gram is easy to digest. So we can give it to pregnant women. Nutrients reach directly to the child in the womb. Doctors recommends to provide green gram to Children and Adults since it is rich in Nutrients. Who has stomach disorders, Green gram soup is the best medicine for who has stomach disorders. It will cure Fever. This green gram soaked water can be given to who has chicken pox, smallpox to drink. Green gram can be used as best medicinal substances for healing Cholera, malaria, typhoid diseases.

It will increase the memory power. Solanum Nigrum greens with green gram curry will reduce the heat during summer season. Particularly, it is a best medicine for stung anal canal and Hemorrhoids. Eating Green gram with rice pongal will cure brass, constipation. Doctors believe that cooked Gotu Kota with green gram also good for increasing the memory.

Using Green gram flour for the bath will increase the skin beauty. It will resolve the dandruff problems if green gram flour applied to head bath.