Shrimp is one of the many nutrients contained seafood, which is good for the physical health. Moreover, it does not have carbohydrates in it. So Shrimp is the best food for who wish to lose weight.

Nutrients available in shrimp:

It is rich in calcium, iodine and protein. It has excess good fat. So doctors recommending to consume the shrimp.

It has Selenium (Selenium), protein and vitamin B-12, D, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, zinc and omega-3 nutrients.

Cholesterol - 43 Mg
Sodium - 49 Mg
Protein - 4.6 Mg
Calcium - 8.6 Mg
Potassium - 40 Mg

  1. Selenium prevents cancer.
2. Nutrients such as vitamin B12 and iron prevents anemia by producing more red blood cells.

3. If it is included in the diet twice a week, the phosphorus and calcium in it together strengthens the bones.

4. The research found that Omega-3 fatty acids helps to improve the mental health.

5. According to the study, Magnesium content in it helps to prevent the second level Diabetes.

6. Carbohydrates, protein and good fatty acids help to provide needed energy for the body.

7. Iodine, which is helpful for pregnant women.