This beautifully simple breakfast idea opens up a world of opportunity and a flavor combinations.


Bread - 1 piece
Egg - 1
Salt for taste
Pepper for spice
Vegetable oil - 2 tsp

Scoop out the center of bread using a round mouth glass like the snap.

Heat a pan and rub 1 tsp of oil in a pan. Place the bread piece and toast it.

In parallel break an egg and drop white and yolk at the center of the bread such a way to fill the scooped out portion.

Spray little bit of salt and pepper on the egg.
After a minute, gently rotate the bread to toast other side. Apply another spoon of oil on the side of the bread.

After a minute, remove out the bread toast. The egg needs to be half cooked.

Eat the bread along with the half cooked egg yolk. This is the wonderful running egg for your breakfast.