Everyone like french fries by default. Worlds one of the main food is potatoes. All western restaurant by default serve this potato fries as complementary or we can buy separately. But why we need to go restaurant for this. We can make in home itself. It's very easy to make.


Potato - 4
Ziplock bag - 1
Oil for deep fry
Salt for taste.


Wash the potato and peel the skin out. Make the strips, lengthy wise by food processor or with a knife.

Put into the pan and add the enough amount of water and bring to the boil. Add 2 tsp of salt based on the taste.

Once ¾ cooked, take out the potato strips from the water and dry them with kitchen towel such way to remove the moisture.

Put all the strips into the Ziplock and cover it. Put it into the freezer for 8 hours. The ziplock should be covered properly, such a way that the moisture will not go inside.

We can cook potatoes in bulk and stored in separate zip locks if we need to make it for many days. But one zip lock strips to be completely used whenever we are open and it should not be stored again.

Heat 1 cup of oil in a pan and deep fry the chips. It will not turn into brown color.(My case some somehow ziplock has whole so some moisture went inside) Take out once gets crispy.

Now the home made french fries are ready serve.