Nature gave us many natural medicines with free of cost. Aloe Vera is one of the nature's gifts for human beings.

This can be available from many places in the countryside.  It can grow automatically without maintenance. There are many medicinal properties available in Aloe.

Aloe-Vera being used in producing cosmetic products and medicines across the world.

We need to take out the flesh part of the Aloe-Vera and use as medicine after washing 7 to 10 times.  Basically, it is bitter in taste, if we wash properly, then the bitter taste will be completely reduced.

Hair grows - Collect three Aloe-Vera flesh parts into a bowl and add little crystal powder. The water will be separated from the flesh. Add equal amount of sesame oil or coconut oil to the separated water and bring to boil well and cool down. Applying this oil into hair daily will helps to grow hair. Also, we will get a nice sleep.

Eyes hurt - If eyes hurt or eyes become red and swallowed we can tie Aloe-Vera's flesh on the eyes. It will reduce the pain as well as cure in three days.
Extract the water from the Aloe-Vera flesh by Adding a little bit of crystal powder. Filter this water with a cotton cloth and use as eye drops. It will cure eye diseases, eye irritation and eye turning to red.

For cooling Bath  - For making the bath oil, take out the Aloe-Vera flesh and add sesame oil and keep it under the heavy sunlight for 30 days. The oil turns into green in color.  Add the required flavor and use for cool bathing.

Black Heads - Rubbing the Aloe-Vera juice on the skin will give better results of healing scars, damage by sunlight, dry skin and other skin diseases. Also, this is the best solution for after shave.  It's an immediate doctor for skin burns. Rubbing the Aloe-Vera gel on the face and keeping overnight and washing the face with the warm water in the morning will remove the black marks.

For skin glow:  Grind the Aloe-Vera with the fresh turmeric and apply on the face, Hand, Legs, neck. Leave it for a few hours. While taking bath use the fenugreek foam, water as a body wash. This will glow your body and avoid skin diseases.  Aloe-Vera gel can be used as hair gel and it will maintain body cool.

Other diseases:  Boil the Aloe-Vera gel with castor oil and cool down. Drink one tablespoon of this oil in the morning and evening once daily. It will make the body glow. Will cure constipation. Maintain a healthy Liver.

For skin tighten:  Aloe-Vera juice has Vitamin C and B. It will penetrate into the body 4 times faster than the water. It has the protein, which will reduce the Collagen fat from the skin. So it will avoid shrinking of the skin and reduce the appearance of old age.