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We lost the wonderful nature due to our modern life. We are concentrating on daily exercise, yoga, etc. But, are we concentrating on food? One of the research report confirms that we eat food along with poison daily. Medical shops and Restaurant are very near.  We are taking food and medicine or taking medicine and eating food. This is today's Plight. Non foresight agricultural plans. In the name of green revolution, we used foreign chemical fertilizers on our agricultural land. Now these fertilizers and pesticides are mixed with our blood. How does this mistake happen? What is the solution? How to prevent the nature and provide the good life to our future generation?

How chemical fertilizers entered into India?
During the second world war, many companies produced explosives. After the war's end, their products not in use and they didn't get profits. So they consulted with the scientists to find out alternative solutions. Scientists advised them that Ammonia is the main product used for producing the explosives, that can be used for preparing the fertilizers.  So those companies started producing many chemical fertilizers. From that incident, fertilizers like Ammonia  sulfate, Uriah, DIP, Potash are created. A petroleum product called Naphtha produced from the petrol from Arabic countries. This Naphtha is being used for producing these all fertilizers. Once prepared the fertilizers they wanted to sell. Basically more crops are produced in sunny countries only.  So green revolution is introduced in South America, Asia, Africa countries. So fertilizing company sold fertilizers and earned much income. But the Indian rice varieties not adopted these fertilizers. The companies advised to bring the Japan rice varieties to cultivate. These Japan rice varieties adopted these chemical fertilizers. So introduced Adudhurai 27 rice by combining Indian and Japan rices. This rice adopted the fertilizers. So with the help of the International Rice Research Institute (IRR) Philippines, introduced IR-8, this also adopted the fertilizers. But the taste of the rice changed due to putting more fertilizers. So people not accepted this Rice. Then IR-5 came into the picture. Then IR-20, IR-22, IR-36, IR-63 introduced.
Since Indian farmers started using these kind of rice varieties, there is lack of hay for cattle's. So lack of cattle waste (dung) for the land.  On this situation there is no option for farmers and fully depend on fertilizers. This is how the fertilizers came for regular usage on Indian Agriculture. The end result is farmers became borrowers, land became Sterility.

What all are the impacts?
Agricultural land quality is based on three qualification. First one is Land should not be sticky. This is called physical state. For maintaining this state our ancestors put cattle wastage's on the land, cattle's are maintained on the agricultural land, mixed green leaves with the land. They brought and put the soil from the pool, lake, river. They mixed oil cakes (wastage's after extracting oil).  The second one is a bio.  For this quality, Microbes should be in the land. Bacteria, fungus, Earthworm, Centipede, etc. should be in the land. Third one is natural fertilizers. If first and second are there, then the third one will be available naturally.  Crops will get automatically Foliar, Ash, Magnesium, copper, Iron, potassium nutrients. Due to the chemical fertilizers, we have thrown these natural farming techniques into the corner which our ancestors did for 15000 years. So the land became Sterility. Tilting the land became hard by the cattle. So we are going for the tractors. This is another expense for the farmers. The land has become harder since used tractors and by putting the fertilizers. Since crops not having enough nutrients pests came. For that we started using the pesticides. Initially the pests are controlled by pesticides, but later pests adopted. So we started using more pesticides. This is another expense for farmers, as well as the food which we are consuming became poison. The cow milk, breast milk, all food became poison. So people, always with diseases. People spending more money to hospital, doctor, medicine than spending for food.  The lifetime of people has reduced. This is a bigger tragedy in the world.  Our natural seeds, cattle's are gone away.
Previously, a single farmer cultivates rice, vegetables, cotton, grains and have chicken, cattle's etc. Now the situation became reversed. Nowadays, A farmer chosen individual crops and cultivate only that that particular crop like banana, sugar cane, rice, chilli, etc.

What is the response from the Indian Government and Scientists?
Science followed by our scientists are incomplete. They can't invent anything with fulfillment. French scientist Louis Kervran told that nuclear transmutation occurs in the living organisms. For Example, the cow eating grass and provides milk. Grass contains magnesium and milk has calcium. So some internal process is happening inside the cow stomach. So it's not necessary to feed only calcium to cow. If the plant requires nitrogen, it's not required to provide only nitrogen, phosphorous etc. So basically one form of nutrient converted to another by survival functions. Nobody accepted his statement. Because everybody asked the proof.  That is called science. It is very difficult to capture the proof from this survival function.
The other scientist Masanobu Fukuoka told that the total is different, wholesome is different. For example, A human has a head, body, two hands, two legs and other parts. This is called total. But only if he survives, then only human being. So this logic is not in the science. For producing seeds separate scientist, to find the fertilizer ratio separate scientist, for controlling pesticides separate scientist. So all are working individually. They will not aware what is happening in the other department. So they mixed all together and provide agriculture. So agriculture getting destroyed slowly. We can't tell them as scientists because they don't have their own knowledge. About 1952, America gets 2000 scientists from India to United States to visit all over the USA. After returning back they keep on telling what Americans are following. But, they are not understanding the climate and soil vary across the continent and western cultivation method will not suitable for the Indian climate. Finally they said, Green revolution is the biggest success. They said, produced enough food. Country met Complacency. It looks like they are not reading newspapers. There are lots of people still with hungry. Then how come the country met complacency.  The other fact is, the food is not only rice and wheat to say complacency. Our childhood study says that food means mixing of carbohydrate, protein, fat, mineral, vitamins, etc. Whatever required, govt didn't give importance. Hay is not available nowadays at all. If it is there, a cow produces more milk. Milk is better food than rice or wheat. Our other grains such as Millet, Maize, finger millet (Ragi), Horse gram etc. are rich in nutrients. 20% of the water is enough when compared to rice for producing these grains. City people started buying this nutrient flour and eating already.  Now slowly the government and scientists started thinking about organic farming and allocated little budget. Government needs to allocate entire budget to organic farming in order to improve the agriculture.

What is the solution for this issue?
Farmers are attending suicide across the countries. 30,000 farmers died by suicide. One of the richest place for farming is Vayanadu from Kerala. 1500 farmers died there by suicide. Farmers will understand themselves and return to natural farming. They won't depend on government decisions. When they go for natural farming, the expense of buying seeds, the expense of buying the fertilizers, pesticides are reduced. At least 3000Rs per acre is reduced for rice, for sugar cane 5000Rs, for cotton 5000 Rs, for vegetables 5000 to 6000 Rs reduced. So it's not important that how much they produced, but its a matter of how much they are getting the net profit.

What is Natural farming?
We can call it as natural way farming. Earth age is 430 crore years. One cell insects developed 100 crore years back. These 100 crore years nature did farming itself. When human started farming manually, nature started destroying. Though past 15000 years, farmers understand the nature and did farming accordingly. So nature prevented. We have to return back to the same state. There is given take policy between human and nature. For example, get the rice to home and return hay to nature back. The same way One of the farmers of Gujarat, took just coconut from the tree and thrown the leaf there itself. Earthworm keeps digging the soil. During the rain, the water go at least 10 feet down and increase the nutrients to the trees. Tamilnadu farmers already started doing this method. In Karnataka, for sugar cane they followed the same method. Just cultivated one time and they keep harvest again and again from the same root. So they maintain the olden variety of the sugar cane. For 50000 tons of sugarcane, at least 5000 tons of leafs will be there. Our scientists advising to fire the leaves on the same land. When we are firing on the land, soil become hard and it looses all the natural source. So this kind of firing should not be done and the leaves need to be used as nutrients. The land should be with the natural wastage's. If we observe, the plant developed in natural trash will give a healthy vegetable and produce more.

How to control pests in natural farming?
We should not worry about the pests. Because last 15000 years we did not take any action to control pests. It will control automatically. The birds will help to control the pests. There are 450 varieties of birds available in Tamilnadu. When started using the pesticides, the birds stopped coming into gardens. In case if we wanted to use pesticides, needs to use natural pesticides like ginger, garlic waters, etc. Instead of using the pesticides, its better to improve the immune system of the plant.

How to make these natural farming awareness?
There is no market created for organic products. Still, people hesitate to spend little more money to buy organic products. In Sweden country market, there is a separate section for green food. It will be little higher in price. But, the products are getting over immediately. That means the consumer already has an awareness of the organic products.  So consumers and farmers need to be connected. The best way is consumers need to go to the gardens directly to get their own requirements. So the intermediate vendors will be avoided and the farmer and the consumer will get much benefited.

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