This Castor harvested across Tamilnadu and some other part of India. The leaves look similar to human hand and the plant is some kind of white coated. It has hollow shaft. Three seeds will be with the each bean.

1. The leaves and oil are medicinal instructive. Its leaf can be used to cure tumor and inflammation. Its oil helps to cure constipation and bring down the body heat.

2. To cure piles, Osteoarthritis, Rheumatic swelling needs to do dressing with chopped Castor leafs which is fried with little ghee.

3. To cure hot stomach pain need to do dressing on belly button with young castor leafs which is fried with little castor oil.

4. Take equal ratio of castor leafs and Phylanthus Amarus (Keezhanelli) leafs and make it to smooth paste. Taking 30g of this paste everyday morning will cure jaundice completely within 4 days.

5. Taking 30ml of castor oil with little cow milk or ginger juice will make 4 to 5 of Diarrhea in a day. But this will cure Loss of appetite, abdominal pain, urinary tract inflammation, Diagnosed cuts ,dysury, menstrual disorders, rough cough, healed blisters, throat infections, Joint pains.

6. When having eye pain or some dust going inside eyes just drop one or two drops of castor oil in the eye like eye drops. Pain will go out immediately and dusts will come out automatically.

7. Doing dressing with ground paste of castor seeds after removing the shell will cure unhealed ulcers, lumps. Also, it will help to cure inflammation due to the Arthritis.

8. Dressing with Ground castor root cleanses toothache.
9. Spray little ghee on the castor leaf and slightly broil. Dressing this leaf on the breast will help to produce milk.