Not only cold will make trouble during rainy season. Mosquitoes produced from Stagnant water as well will disturb!! In addition, it will spread many and different kinds of diseases! To escape from these mosquitoes we are using variety of chemical pesticides.

All of these are poison. But this become part of everyday use. Mosquito coil, mosquito repellent liquid are not intended as any man's daily use. These are made for using in Western countries whenever there is heavy rain. The usage would be just one or two days there. In other days they wont even touch. But we simply use them on daily. This is causing for Asthma, tiredness, breathing trouble and some other health problems. Especially it will impact kids and old people.

Instead of using these pesticides, we can overcome from mosquitoes by using natural remedies. Little Vitex leaf, neem leaves and frankincense just enough to avoid mosquitoes. Just making smoking haze with these items will make breathing trouble to mosquitoes, make unconscious and finally it will kill them. This is called knock-out poison.

In this method we can kill even the mosquitoes which is spreading Malaria completely. This is the reason our ancestors keep Vitex and neem leaves always in home. It was used as the best disinfectant. But In time, even in villages that once disappeared. Studies proved that our ancestors medicines are better than the chemical medicines which we are using nowadays. So we can also start follows natural medicines.