Due to modern and fast life, we frequently store cooked food and re-heat again. Everyone used to store food by considering not wasting and not having enough time to cook again. Though these reheating the food is right, it can't be fully acceptable.

Some of the food will loose its nutrients while reheat. Also, there is a chance that few foods become poison. So, we definitely need to know what these foods are.

By considering to protect our family health, we need to avoid rehesting  certain foods.


Health benefits of potatoes is a lot. There is no doubt and everybody knows that. Lots of nutrients in it. But, based on how far we refrigerate, it will loose its nutrients. While reheating this potato, it will become poison.


Nowadays, chicken is the major food being used in our daily diet and reheated most of the time. But, reheating chicken is very danger. Excess protein in the chicken is the reason. It will make digestion problem while reheating. If we need to eat refrigerated chicken food, need to eat without reheat.


It should be eaten as soon as mushroom is cooked. If it is getting cold, there will be change in quantity of protein in mushroom. This will make digestion problem.


Beetroot is recommened food for everyone because it has much nitrate in it. This nitrate will be lost, while reheating and it will loose nutrients.


It is dangerous to reheat greens as well. Green has lot of nitrate in it. While reheating greens, it will become 100% nitrate. It will cause cancer disease to our body.


Eggs become poison if it is in excess heat. So, be away from reheated boiled eggs or fried eggs. This will make trouble in your stomach.