Traditional food is always healthy and we would be lucky to have in this modern life. Nowadays, our life style slowly changing to western and we started following pizza, burger, soft drinks(just sugar water). Sooner we will say bye to our Idli, Dosa as well. But, a secret of our ancestors long and healthy life is because of consuming millet, ragi in addition to rice , chappathi in a daily diet and physical work. Let's see how to make the Millet porridge which is very healthy. Asthma patient alone should ignore this food.


Millet - 1 cup
Salt as required
Green chilli - 1
Pearl onion - 2
Curd/yogurt - 2 teaspoon


Make a coarse powder of Millet in a mixer grinder. There is ready made millet powder available in the market. We can use that as well. But, making powder at home is preferred since we can make it as coarse.
Bring to boil three cups of water in a pan. Once water hot and bubbles started, add the ground powder slowly and keep stir in parallel. So that you can avoid forming of lumps.

It will cook faster and water will be absorbed by the millet powder.
Switch off the flame once it gets a thick consistency.
Cool down completely and make them into balls. Add water in it such a way that all the millet balls inside water. Leave it for overnight.
In the next day, take a ball and add little-soaked water. Add two teaspoon of curd and mix all together with your hand. Then add chopped onion and green chilli. Add a little salt if required.

Now your millet porridge is ready for your healthy breakfast/lunch.
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