We avoid skin from most of the vegetables while cooking. But some vegetables have most of the nutrients in its skin than its flush. Without knowing it, we simply ignore the skin. Let’s see what sort of vegetable’s skin should not be removed while cooking.


Carrot's skin contains nutrients such as beta carotene, phenolic, and antioxidants. Therefore, eating carrot with the skin can prevent complications such as heart disease, cancer, and vision disorders.


Cucumber's skin has little calories, vitamin K, anti-oxidants and fiber, etc. It helps to avoid complications such as constipation and bowel cancer.


Beetroot's skin contains phytonutrients called beta lysine. So, cut beetroot into small pieces with skin and eat with olive oil and salt.


The potato's skin is rich in fiber, vitamins, potassium, copper and iron. So it's good to cook potatoes with the skin.


Purple color egg plant skin has mush antioxidants and flavonoid. Therefore, this will improve body health.