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In a meeting,

"Indians are fools, and they have enough money, but they have no brain." Dr. Irwin said and laughed loudly.

The other multinational pharmaceutical company owners also gathered there and exploded their laugh. The meeting place was very secret.The plan/conspiracy they create is terrible.

Dr. Irwin completed his PhD in the University of Illinois. He did research on what all are the raw elements of salt and which all are the chemicals in the salt and how to transform the salt into a corporate commodity.

He also completed Post Doctorate at Annamalai University, Chidambaram.

He stayed at Parankipettai for three years and continued to research on the role of salt in Indian food.

Coming back to the conspiracy consultation meeting, Dr. Irwin said as follow: 

"Indians usually will not get sick and lie on the bed. For a long period of time, they consumed pulses like millet, sardines, ragi, ice ragi, barnyard millet and healthy snacks like coconut, groundnut and they had much immunity.

The porridge and soaked old rice maintained their healthy life.

Now we have changed their traditional food culture. We have spread rumors that the groundnut and coconut have high fat. 

Our advertising monsters dragged them to our pizzaburger, cocoa cola.

Soaked Old rice, millet porridge, Kali (Tamil name) are all out of their food.

In Chennai, there are many crowds in the subway for our country food like Pizza and Burger.

Other country snacks are hanging in the polythene bags at Small shops of Tamil Nadu villages as well.

Traditional ground nut balls, puffed rice balls, and ginger candies have disappeared.

We are not able to see orange candies and sour candies which are made with jaggery.

This generation kids likes only fried snacks made with just masala powder and salts. Let's make a five year plan.

Before that three-quarters of Indians will turn into kidney and cardiovascular patients.

What's good for us to do that? "- asked by an another crocodile. 

Dr. Irwin answered as follows.

"We have many dialysis centers in the town.

Even ten-year-old kids have to go to one hour dialysis every morning before go to school. Our conspiracy will certainly succeed.

If it succeeds, all twenty plus people in India are heart patients.

All of them should have blood pressure pills daily three times. And then we who own the pharmaceutical factories are the world's richest people. "

Ok, let's see what is the that conspiracy?

Does your salt have iodine? Our table salt has iodine. This is the nation's number one salt. Every television channel has started advertising hundred times a day with famous cooking chefs and actors.

The brains of Indians were dulled by such advertising.

There is no traditional salt jar in any house nowadays. No salt pot. Salt powder packed in plastic bags and being used.

The use of sea crystal salt was stopped. In exactly five years their conspiracy has succeeded in India. Corporate hospitals counts in cities have grown.

In the corporate hospital AC, rooms, young men and young girls were laying on the bed and listening music using their headphones and machines separating the urine from their bodies.

One hundred young men gathered at the St George's Fort to give voice against this poisoned iodine salt.

young man from the group spoke in a loud voice as below:

"My dear people! Are you really adding actual salt in your meal? Our grandparents used the sea crystal salt only in their food right? Do you know that Ferrous cyanide which is toxic for our body added into the powdered salt packets? ".

Do you know if you consume minute cyanide, in the next moment you will die?

Aluminum-based chemical substance is used for whitening packaged salt. It will cause cancer. 

Mr. Abdul Kalam tried to make India as developed country in 2020.

But western pharmaceutical bosses are keen on to bring our country people as patients. 

The iodine salt is the weapon they have taken in their hand. Do you know that children who was studying in school a decade ago are so cute?

Now even small kids have a belly, and we are not able to see them. Everything is the result of this artificial salt.

Our housewives use this poisonous salt only to cook. Naturally available salt on seashore has all the minerals needed for the body at a reasonable rate.

Did the previous generation people have a heart disease or diabetes which used this natural salt? Has a kidney illness? They did not even know disease of Obesity.

Because our politicians are corrupt, foreign corporate companies easily enter into our country.

They can talk easily like welfare government. But really they are burying people health.

The poor and the middle people are buying expensive diseases because of lack of adequate awareness. ".

Those who stood around raised lot of applause.

In the next few seconds, the siren fitted vans have come, Police beat them and arrested those hundred youngster. All the TV channels were filmed.


No channel telecast-ed this news! You can't see such socially irresponsible TV channels anywhere else other than Tamilnadu! 

We people need to repent. Avoid powdery salts. Let's use sea crystal salt.

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