Palm Tree which is the state tree of Tamil Nadu is one of the vanishing trees. Though every part of the palm tree is, usefull, its future is uncertain as its authorities concerned very very little attention to it.Many of this generation folk would not be aware of this tree. However, Jelly (ice apple or Nungu) from this tree has much medicinal benefit.

Palm tree is boon for human being from nature that protects us from the hot weather. We all want to cool down our body during the summer. Palm Nungu provides enough water to us. 

Palm jaggery, palm candy(karkandu), palm root, palm fruit, leaves all are having medicinal benefits. Vitamin B, C, iron, calcium, zinc, sodium, magnesium, potassium, Thiamine, ascorbic acid and protein are rich in Palm jelly.

Palm Jelly has the ability to control body fat and reduce weight. Those who want to reduce body weight must eat this.

The water in the palm jelly is a great way to fill the stomach and trigger the appetite. Also, it is a good medicine for constipation and diarrhea. You will get immediate relief.

If your body feel hotyou could keep drink water, but you can't get rid of thirsty. The thirst will be gone if you eat few palm jellies. It is the best medicine for anemia. 

Palm jelly has an antioxidant which prevents women from breast cancer. It increases immunity to the body during summer and prevents pox diseases. Nungu brings us many advantages. Never miss this to eat during its season.