1. Banana Stem: This can be used for making fries and soup. Upper layer part should not have much fiber and stem part should be thin. 

2. White Onion: The juice should be extracted while pressing gently. 

3. Drumstick: A good drumstick is very flexible. Means, good for making dishes.

4. Sweet potato: A firm tuber is very sweet. If it is blackened, it can be a bitter.

5. Corn: It should not be too young or fully matured. When you press corns, it should not be too hard.

6. Tomatoes: You can buy fine red tomatoes. Bangalore tomatoes will remain intact for a week. It will not spoil.

7.Tindora/Ivy gourd: It should be purchased as whole green. Don't buy which has slight red. Ripened ivy gourd will not have taste

8. Small Onions/Shallot: It is better to buy old onions.Buy which, has two pearls and clear.

9.Capsicum: Buy something fresh without having shrink skin. Don't buy the dark green color capsicum. All colored capsicum have the same flavor.

10. Cauliflower: Purchase which has thin stem with no gap between flowers

11. Mango - Tap the mango near to ear similar to how we check coconut. You will hear clear sound.Those mangos will have small nut inside.

12. Ridge gourd:Better to buy which are in same size from the bottom to top.

13. Pumpkin: Buying matured seeds pumpkin is good. 

14. Snake gourd: Buy hard ones.Only then the seed area be less and the flesh area more

15. Potato: The skin must be transplanted without scratching the green vein without letting it sprout.

16. Yum: When buying whole, it is better to look bigger. If you buy the cut one, buy which has inside part is slight red in color.

17. Onion: Top area without having stem.

18. Ginger: The skin should peeled easily when gently scratch.The fiber area will be less in that case.

19. Brinjal:Look for the skin to be soft.

20. Bottle gourd: When you press with the nailnail should go inside. Only then it means young.

21. Garlic: The pearls should should look clear outside.

22. Beans: French Beans are high in fiber. There will be no fiber in the bush beans. If the skin is soft, the taste will be greater.

23. Broad Beans: It is better to check the seeds and avoid which has big seeds. Buying young does have much fiber.

24. Bitter gourd: Long/lengthy flatten bitter gourds is better than the smaller which are short in size.

25. Banana Flower: Expand the top petal and see if the flowers are not dark. It should very light in color. If that is the case, that means fresh flower

26. Cowpea: Buy a big seeded one.

27. Chow chow: Look for a mouth like side that is not too cracked and buy it. If there is a big crack, that is matured.

28. Radish: If the skin is soft when you slightly scratch, it is a young and good to eat.

29. Cucumber: If you press the cucumber with the nail gently, it should go inside smooth. That means good one and the seeds are very less.

30. Green Chilli: Flatten one will have less spice. Short and thicken will have much spice and good in the aroma and the smell are wonderful.