Tulsi is an Ayurvedic remedy to relieve colds, flu, and allergies. That is why the basilisk has been worshiped in houses from ancient times to the present day.
Cold disturbances and water allergies are more likely to occur during rainy days. Even if you go to hospitals and take tablets, there will not be any relief.

The cold can create major problems for people who have low immunity. Tuberculosis and pneumonia can result if the cold is not taken care of early.
Allergy, infections, and Cold caused by Bacterial, fungal can be controlled by medicines. However, these medicines will not work well for the cold caused by the virus.
Mucus secretes naturally in the body so that it does not cause dryness in the lungs. When it is secrets over, it should be expelled and antibiotics should be taken to prevent further allergic reactions.
Black Tulsi is a wonderful herbal which helps to relieve from frequent colds, boost immunity, and strengthen the lungs.
Black Tulsi Leaves will remove the scab and increase immunity. Boil one cup of milk along with two to three black tulsi leaves and drink to remove bile.
Dilute the basil leaves with water and smell the vaporized water to get rid of the sinus infection. In order to avoid frequent colds, soak five or ten tulsi leaves in a liter of water and drink them.
Ayurvedic doctors say that two to four drops of granulated leaves can be eaten in the early hours of the morning to cure allergies and infections caused by viruses.
Also, people suffering from colds have been advised to add more natural foods such as turmeric, pepper, chilies, garlic, coriander, and small onions to increase the immune system.