Bermuda grass will survive without water for a long time. It just looks dry during summer days. That's the reason why Our ancestors use bermudagrass as an example for wishing youngsters. Whatever suffering we get, should get tired and bloom again like this grass even with little chance. 

Bermudagrass whole plant is sweet and cool. Removes body heat, increases urination heals intestinal ulcers, Purifies the blood, strengthens the body, Eye vision becomes clearer. These greens are high in carotenoids.

Arugambull is called God Pillaiyar or Ganesh grass. This grass is being worshipped by placing on cow dung or wet turmeric powder. 

Our ancestors used to say medicine mixed with spirituality. When the Ganesh swallowed by the monster called Suvalasuran, the heat did not subside. The heat did not decrease. Then, Rishi advised putting this arugambul on Ganesh to reduce the heat. After that the heat reduced.

This is the way to reduce the heat that our ancestors have built for us through mythology.

The Siddhars call bermudagrass Arokiyap Pul and Kakamooli. It is also known by other names such as Arugu, Padham, Moothandam, Dhoorrvai, Megari.

Clean this grass leaves, root, and stem and make juice. Freeze it in the freezer, the color of this juice after freeze whiter than milk.

Excessive cooling to relieve nerve disorders. People suffering from neurological diseases can get rid of hand and foot tremors and mouth sores if they take the juice and drink it daily after meals. Bermuda grass juice is the best medicine to clear the eyesight issues and change the redness of the eye.

Usually, it does not grow in contaminated areas. The Siddhars call it Vishnu Mooli.
Agathiyar has clearly explained the medicinal properties of this grass suitable for children and adults in the books called Palavakadam and Varma. It is also called guru medicine because it is a medicine given to children.

Bermuda grass is the best medicine to stimulate memory. If you dry in the shade and powder and drink the infusion daily, your memory will increase.

Purifying the blood. It is the best medicine to gain body weight and get refreshed. Grind a
little turmeric with this grass and apply it on scabies and non-healing sores. It cures them.

If you grind and drink Arugam with yogurt, it will cure LEUCORRHEA in women. It is the
foremost medicine in Siddha, Ayurveda, and Unani medicine as it has the property of destroying all diseases. 

Natural medicine says to drink Arugam juice daily to relax the body. If you drink purified juice after waking up in the morning, the bad water in the body will come out and the unwanted flesh will be reduced. Arugambul purifies the blood.

Take an equal amount of Arugam and coconut oil and rub it on the body and soak for half an hour. Then clean it with gram flour and your body will shine like glass. Mix turmeric in bermudagrass juice and rub it on the feet to make the legs look like cotton soft. We eat drinks like Horlicks, Ovaldin, etc. to increase the nutrition in our body. But many of us may not be aware that Arugambul is a wonderful nutritional herb.

If you collect good young arugambul leaves, wash them in water, grind it and boil it with milk
and drink it daily before going to bed at night, you will get good strength. Growing children
can easily handle the same method of getting nutrition.

Boil Arugambul with well-distilled water and drink it in a warm condition, it will be
smoothening the heart function. For wounds such as cuts and bruises, take equal amounts of the so-called SIDA CAPRINIFOLOLIA and bermudagrass and grind them and apply to stop the blood immediately. The wound will heal quickly.

Arugambul is the Natural best medicine we have. It is easily available to everyone. It has the power to control many diseases. Its juice can say goodbye to many ailments in the body.
We can get this grass in rural areas easily. After plucking and rinsing it well in water, you can add water, crush it well and take the juice. If required, you can add basil and bael in juice. 
Bermudagrass juice should be taken on an empty stomach in the morning. Only 200 ml can be taken in the evening.
Medicinal properties:
* Arugam extracts contain vitamin A. The body is refreshed by consuming this. Babies can drink with milk.
* This juice helps in purifying the blood of the body. It regulates anemia and blood pressure by increasing red blood cells.
* People with flatulence can come and drink Arugam juice to get rid of it. It also relieves body heat.
* This juice is the best solution for neurosis and menstrual problems in women.
* Although you usually take allopathic and homeopathic medicines, there is no restriction on consuming Arugam juices. Thus there are no side effects.
It is not always possible for everyone to make and consume this juice. Thus it is readily available in stores in pocket form and in some places for sale. You can buy them too.