Benefits of eating curry leaves

Whatever our cuisine may or may not have another ingredient, there can never be a recipe without curry leaves. Curry leaves are so essential. 

Curry leaves are added to food for aroma and taste. But without knowing its benefits, many people set it aside without eating it. Curry leaves play an important role in any food item, whether vegetarian or non-vegetarian.

Curry leaves are a food item that has a taste and an aroma of its own. Its taste is alkaline and bitter. There are two types of curry leaves. They are native curry leaves and wild curry leaves. Native curry leaves are used for cooking and wild curry leaves are used as medicine.

Curry leaves contain 63 percent water, 6.1 percent protein, one percent fat, 4 percent minerals, 6.4 percent fiber, and 18.7 percent starch.

Medicinal uses of curry leaves

  1. To get rid of fatigue in pregnant women, they can consume 2 tbsp lemon juice with curry leaf juice and mix it with a little bit of brown sugar to avoid the bitter taste.
  2. Boiling curry leaves in water and drinking mixed with a little honey can cure constipation and reduce the risk of hemorrhoids.
  3. Eating curry leaves raw will kill the insects in the stomach and avoid stomach pain.
  4. Dry and powder the curry leaves, put the powder in boiling water, strain it and drink it. The powder can be mixed with tea and drunk. This will trigger appetite. 
  5. Abdominal pain in childhood can be reduced by giving curry leaves extract.
  6. Just chewing curry leaves on an empty stomach will reduce unwanted fats in the abdomen, arms, and thighs.
  7. People with anemia can control their anemia by adding more curry leaves to their diet.
  8. It is one of the best medicines for stomach ache caused by indigestion.
  9. Mixing curry powder with honey daily before going to bed to get rid of cold sores immediately.
  10. Grind curry leaves, roll them into small balls, dry them, and put them in coconut oil. If you use that oil daily, hair loss will stop and hair will grow well.
  11. Grind curry leaves and rub them on the scalp, soak it for a while and then take a bath. This will grow your hair well.