What is the difference between a country chicken and a broiler chicken? Which is better for the health?

Chicken is one of the most important non-vegetarian food items on the list. The cost spent by the people and the nutrients available through it is very high. At the same time, we have a lot of doubts about chicken and eggs.

Concentrated doubts revolve around these, including whether the country chicken is better, broiler chicken is better, and how to find fake eggs. We took all these doubts to Professor A.V.Om Prakash of the Poultry Research Station, Tamil Nadu University of Veterinary Sciences.

"There are rumors circulating about the nutrients in broilers and broiler breeding methods. People have to get out of this first. breeding hens can be divided into three types as country chicken, broiler chickens, and laying hens (layer chickens). Of these, country chicken can be raised at home.

Broiler chickens are raised only for meat. Similarly, layer hens are often reared only for eggs. Once Egg production is reduced and then used for meat. Of these, only broiler chicken and layer chicken can cause confusion. Coming to market, we have no broiler chicken eggs to eat. They are all Layer Chicken Eggs. Broiler chicken is raised only for meat.

Chickens can be sent for meat after 12 weeks of rearing. If raised for eggs, need to wait for 20 to 72 weeks. During this period the country chicken gives about 80 to 150 eggs. Home-raised chickens eat everything they can get, such as rye, corn, rice, and insects. At the same time, all the nutrients are available only by giving them balanced feeds. Only then will the number of eggs and the bodyweight of the chicken increase. Poultry breeders can make good profits by paying extra attention to this matter.

Broiler chickens are sent for meat within 35 to 38 days. Then it will weigh one and a half to two kilos. In the case of layer hens, it lays eggs at its 20 to 72-week intervals. About 320 to 330 eggs are available during this period alone. These hens are sent for meat only after 72 weeks. But, isn't there a lot of difference between a hen that is just 35 days old and a hen that is about one and a half years old? So there will be a lot of variations in the taste and texture of the curry. For this reason, layer chicken is cheaper than broiler chicken.

Country chicken is more likely to live with nature. So it is more heat tolerant than broiler chickens. Immunity is higher than in broiler chickens. Chickens have more bone and less meat. The amount of meat is less than that of broiler chickens. Otherwise, there are no significant differences between the nutrients present in broiler chickens and those present in country chicken. This is the truth. Country chicken may tastier and healthier than broiler chickens for some people. It depends on their volition. Similarly, another rumor circulating about broiler chickens is hormone injections. A kilo of chicken is available for around 120 - 140 rupees.

But if the hormone injections are paid for as rumored, this price will not be affordable. The reason is that hormone injection alone costs around a hundred rupees. In addition, hormone injections are also illegal in our country. They frighten people by spreading such rumors. Similarly, it is rumored that if you eat chicken, your body will get hot in hot weather. Broiler chickens are vaccinated against the disease. Otherwise, only fodder, herbs, etc. will be provided. So, do not believe such rumors.

The supply of broiler chickens in India increased only after the 1980s. The reason for that is the shortage in the market. These broiler chickens are also one of the reasons for the increase in the number of chicken eaters. The solution to the malnutrition of the people was broiler chickens which were available at a lower price than the country chickens. We still have more broiler chicken eaters than country chicken eaters. So you may like desi chicken for taste or voluntarily. But don't intimidate broiler chicken eaters for no reason. ”

Responding to doubts about eggs, Su. Ehilvalavan, Associate Professor, Tamil Nadu University of Veterinary Sciences, said, “India is the third-largest producer of eggs in the world. Eggs are the cheapest and most easily available food in the world at the same time without adulteration. Do not doubt it. A chicken egg contains all the other nutrients except vitamin C. Therefore, eggs play an important role in meeting the nutritional needs of our people.

‘An Indian should eat 180 eggs a year’ says the Medical Research Council of India (ICMR). Abroad the eggs are graded according to size and priced and sent for sale. That is not the case in our country. There is no difference in nutrients between desi chicken eggs and normal eggs. Differ only slightly in shape and character. Do not buy chicken eggs voluntarily, believing that they contain more nutrients. Because those nutrients are present in ordinary chicken eggs. ”

Broiler chickens are unnatural!

When asked about the controversy surrounding broiler chickens, the paranoid doctor said, “It is untrue that broiler chickens are injected and chemically treated to grow. The reason is that it is impossible to inject chemicals into all the chickens. But the problem with broiler chickens is that they are unnatural. That is, it is genetically modified to grow faster and have more fleshy parts. The problem here is this genetic mutation. Thus none of these qualities are present in natural chickens. In terms of nutrients, all the nutrients found in desi eggs are present in broiler eggs. All the nutrients found in desi chicken are present in broiler chicken.

Many traits are present in the genes of desi chicken, such as the ability to cry in the morning, to carefully incubate eggs, and to protect chicks from eagles with a sense of motherhood. But, is there any of this in broiler chicken? In nature, every living thing has a season called maturity. But, it is determined by humans for broiler chickens. If broiler chickens, which should be reared in 60 days, can be reared in less than a day, how can they be suitable for our health? Then how about food that blends in with nature? Anything that is against nature is against the living beings on this earth.

So are broiler chickens and eggs. They say broiler meat is an alternative to overproduction and malnutrition. Yes, that is true. These have reduced the incidence of diseases caused by malnutrition.

But instead, various new diseases have developed in the population? Even those who once ate chicken once in a while, today have become enough to eat every day. It's a business that goes beyond our health. This is why people are prone to various problems, including premature puberty and low sperm count. ”