Two Purotta Salna for Table1....

Prota means, we should get from Madurai. Its seed can be said to be scattered around Tamilnadu. Some of its original seeds are in Chengalpattu and Vizhupuram. At least we can match real taste here.
I searched and eat on the Chennai side. Still, I am not able to get actual Madurai taste anywhere. The Coimbatore protta smells of oil. There is no Prota in Chennai, instead of they named Parota. We could able to see the same even on boards. 

Trichy side Salna will be a little watery. Kanyakumari side Salna will have a more sour taste. The Ramanathapuram side is the same. In Kerala, chickpeas curry will be served for protta. Who will eat all these and being disgusted?

If we talk about Prota, few people start talking like it contains benzoin peroxide, Diabetes, etc.
We should think about it today. Let God decide what will happen for us tomorrow. Did we ever think in February that we will get Corona in 2020 and the whole year will be locked down? Moreover, it is the food of the poor. There is even a Google page poll going on that could provide geographical identification for this.

Old flour is best for protta. Prota made from fresh flour is slightly fermented. This taste is immediately apparent to the Prota tribes. If the flour is old, the dough kept for two to three hours after kneading. The protta made in it, look layer by layer, should be beautiful. Art of a taste behind this layer. That is, when the protta is eaten raw, the embryonic part above is crunchy. Since it does not soak immediately in salna, it is sure to get crunchy in the mouth. The inside is a little soft. It blended into the Salna and lands in the throat as a rival. That’s why the layer is important.

If you go to Rajasthan and ask Prota, they give "Bread" like double size Uthappam. The situation is similar in Delhi. Best. Spinach curry can be selected as a side dish if you go to north India. It will taste good. I have heard when we see our people working on that side longing for Salna.

Next up is Salna.
Salna is the right combination for Prota. Some say you can eat with vegetable curry. It will be like having tomato sauce for Pongal. The right alliance should be like a lotus-bearing leaf. Salna should not be too thick. Nor should it be watery. Should not be sour. Should not be so sweet. Ideally, it should be reddish oil float on top with chili powder color.

The next banana leaf.
If you eat protta on a plate you will not be able to fully feel its taste. You can feel its firmness, mind, and taste only if you sit and eat in the leaves at the shop.

If you ask Prota on the Madurai side, it is enough to tell the number of prota to servers. They count like bank cashiers with a single hand and torn them and put it on the leaf, their style is unique. If you cross the Trichy, you are the one who has to go for torn prota ourselves. Like making morning coffee by bachelors.

Pour the salna more on the torn prota. You do not want to be worried about the salna is spreading outside the leaf. Salna will stand still for a while. Prota can only be flavored if it is poured on all four sides.

After pouring the salsa into the protta, take one of the well-browned roasted pieces and put it in the mouth. While we biting on the left and right teeth, Salna, trapped in the protta, overflows and descends into the throat, just as oil flows from the sesame trapped. That moment… aha is like the joy that arises when you meet your girlfriend for the first time… like that ten times, the wave of joy spreads in the brain cells.

To continue this happiness you have to prepare for the next turn. Load the next handful of prota into the mouth as soon as the first is over. Those who enjoyed and ate like this having the faces of those who were beaten and get kerosene in rations at that time.

There is another specialty in Madurai. If the server is a little familiar, he gives Chicken thokku in addition. For someone who buys a red token for chicken, it looks like a green token extra.

Similarly, there are those who eat chicken fry, omelet, and half boil as a side dish to protta. It is like a gift from the Reserve Bank. If you have money in your bag, you can enjoy eating them. Otherwise, we can be set aside by thinking like, this fruit is fermented.

Well, no need to worry if the bill will be more for all of these for having this fantastic tasty prota. Truly, the price of protta is very less. A protta is still 10 rupees. In Chennai, after giving prota, servers will ask which salna needed? we should get an alert there. Otherwise, the bill would have come in much higher than the interest that would have come if the bank had duly paid the loan for three months. I.e. Prota 10 rupees… Salna 100 rupees...