Custard apple

Custard apple is a fruit that has many medicinal properties. This fruit has a special place in the medical world. This fruit is different in appearance but the flesh inside it is very sweet and tasty.

The fruit has a name in English called 'Custard Apple'. It got its name from the ice cream-like taste of 'custard'. In Tamil, this is called Sita fruit.

Sweet apple enhances blood development and cures anemia. The glucose in this fruit helps the body to get rid of fatigue and keep the body active. It has the property of enhancing memory. Custard apple is rich in all the vitamins, proteins, minerals, good fats, and fiber that our body needs.

Benefits of Sita Fruit

People who suffer from insomnia due to stress at night can get a deep sleep if they eat a Sita fruit before going to bed every day. This is because of the calcium and magnesium minerals in the fruit. Both of these have the property of controlling stress.

The various nutrients and minerals in Sita fruit provide many benefits to our body. Magnesium in these fruits protects us from heart disease and heart attack.

Vitamin B in custard apple reduces the damage to the airways and protects against respiratory problems like asthma.

Medicinal uses of Sita fruit

  • Regular consumption of Sita fruit does not cause any ailments like indigestion. Bile, vomiting, diarrhea, and dizziness do not occur.
  • Many nutrients in these fruits strengthen the heart and keep it running smoothly. Protects the heart from heart-related diseases.
  • Persistent vomiting and nausea will stop immediately after eating this fruit.
  • After surgery, if the Sita fruit is eaten, the wounds in the internal organs of the body will heal quickly.
  • Constipation problems can be cured by eating this fruit.
  • Soak a little dill and take it along with the Sita fruit, the peptic ulcer will heal quickly.
  • People who suffer from urinary incontinence can drink a little lemon juice mixed with sweet apple juice, the urine will separate freely. Urinary logging will also be removed.
  • People who have extra flesh should continue to eat custard apples to reduce.
  • Custard apple helps to reduce body heat and keep the body cool. This fruit has the ability to cure depression caused by heat.
  • If people with mental illness continue to eat custard apple daily, good things will change quickly.
  • A good night's sleep can be achieved by eating two dates along with one custard apple before going to bed.
  • People with dry skin should drink sweet apple juice to get rid of dry skin and get back to normal.
  • Vitamin 'C' in custard apple protects against colds.
  • Adding a little bit of turmeric powder to the Sita fruit and eating will prevent the accumulation of bad fats in the body.
  • Consumption of saffron along with custard apple gives immunity.
  • Add a little white garlic and grind it with sweet apple finely and apply it on the skin where mosaic disease there to get rid of it quickly. Mix grape juice with custard apple juice and drink it to strengthen the nerves.