Horse Gram

Horse Gram is a type of lentil. There are many other names for this in Tamil, such as Koll, Kaanam, Mudhirai. It is also found in flat brown and red soil color. The English name for this is 'Horse Gram'. This is because the lentils were fed to the horse.

Ancestors also fed lentils to horses that worked hard, as they could strengthen bones and nerves. Horses take the power to run for many miles from the lentils they eat. Fat in the body - can reduce and give more strength to the body.

Nutrients contained in Horse gram

Horse Gram is rich in protein, fiber, minerals, iron, starch, and vitamins. It also contains innumerable nutrients.

Medicinal uses of Horse Gram

Reduce bodyweight
You may have heard the proverb ‘Sesame for the lean’ and ‘Sesame for the fat’. According to the proverb, the horse gram has full of nutrients needed to lose weight. It has been said in Siddha medicine that it is very beneficial to eat soup made with horse gram.
Taking horse gram in the diet often will maintain weight. Take a handful of this legume at night and soak it in water overnight and eat it when you wake up in the morning to lose weight quickly.

Preventing the formation of kidney stones

Our blood pressure will be under constant pressure if we continue to take the horse gram. Also prevents the accumulation of kidney stones. Greatly reduces colds, coughs, body aches, etc., and also reduces body aches that occur after strenuous physical activity.

Will reduce the unwanted flesh

Soak lentils in water and drink that water to get rid of bad water in the body. Pulses also have the power to reduce the flesh. It is also high in starch. We can eat the lentils either by soaking in the water or fried.

Menstruation is normal

If we drink horse gram boiled water, the cold will be cured. The body organs are strengthened. Horse gram water can also cure diarrhea, constipation, and eye diseases. Controls whitening and regulate menstruation. Expelling maternal dirt. Porridge made with horse gram and rice stimulates the appetite and strengthens the body.

Expelling mucus

If you give cold soup to children during the rainy season, the cold problem will be cured immediately. Not only children but also adults can drink that soup.

The recession will go away

The horse gram can be ground and powdered and used in soup. For some people, the stomach is always bloated due to gas problems. If they eat it with porridge, or chutney, or soup, they will be very hungry.