On the highways, the red oleander blossoms are colorful and cool to the eye.

Vehicle exhaust fumes are high in carbon toxins. The leaves and flowers of the red oleander plant have the ability to remove carbon dioxide from the air, remove air pollutants and turn it into the fresh air. Thus you can breathe clean air while traveling on highways.

These are drought tolerant. Resistant to soil erosion. They have the power to reduce the noise and noise of vehicles.

It avoids the headlights of oncoming vehicles on the opposite side of the road directly hitting them. The leaves are dense to that extent.

The cost of maintaining these is also low. Animals do not naturally eat the leaves of this plant. So no need to save from the animals eating them.

It can be seen on a lot of highways just because it has so many amenities along with beauty.

The red oleander is an arid plant. It stores water in its stalks and leaves as milk during the excess water season. So, it can survive during the drought season.

They do not need to be watered frequently, so suitable for planting on the sidewalks and in the divider of the road.
Another advantage is that the red flowers are easy to spot where the roads intersect.