What is Mappillai Samba Rice?

Mappillai(Groom) samba is one of the traditional paddy varieties cultivated in Tamil Nadu.

The reason for the name

In ancient times the bridegroom used to lift a heavy stone to test whether the groom was strong enough before marrying a girl with him. The young man who lifts it will be considered strong and will marry the woman.

Mappillai samba-type rice eaters will have the strength to lift the eldest stone easily. Hence the name Mappillai Samba.


Mappillai samba paddy variety can grow up to 6 feet.

No need to put compost

It has high immunity

Can be harvested in 150 days

Mr. Srinivasan, a farmer from Thanjavur district, has been cultivating samba in his field without using any chemical fertilizers.

Benefits of Eating Mappillai Samba

Controls diabetes
By drinking rice-soaked water will strengthen the nervous system
This samba, which is rich in Fiber nutrients, prevents cancer
This rice is rich in iron and zinc, can help prevent excess body fat, low blood pressure, and heart attack.
Increases the number of hemoglobin in the blood.
The body is strong.
Masculinity will increase.
Knee pain and diabetes are believed to be in control.

Most stores sell rice as the Mappillai samba for something else.  The perfect samba rice would be just as big

Mappillai samba crops can grow up to 5-6 feet tall. Age is about 160 days. Capable of growing against pests and diseases

Although weeds and fertilizers are left over, the harvesting machines are not able to mow them.

Low yield, low price compared to modern varieties. An environment where rice cannot be sold because of the lack of husking machines. Farmers do not like to cultivate this variety of paddy for reasons such as the refusal of children to eat at home as the rice is a little large.