Fried Gram

Chickpeas are one of the most widely used legumes not only in South India but also in North India. There are two types of chickpeas. One is white and the other is black. The white one is called 'Channa' in Hindi and 'Bengal Gram' in English. It is widely grown in West Bengal, India.

There are many varieties of chickpeas that are available in dried form. It is available in green and brown. This is what we use to make Sundal. Larger than that in size is what we call white ‘kapuli channa’. We peel and dry brown chickpeas and use them as channa dhal in our daily cooking. We powder them as besan flour and use them in many products, including bajji. Frying brown channa by sprinkling salt water on the skin is called roasted channa, we use this for timepass.

Fried Gram

If we remove the skin from the roasted channa called Fried gram. That’s what we use in chutney and many more. It is our custom to eat fried gram with coconut as a chutney. The nutrients in fried gram bring health benefits to the body. Since it is a source of lysine-rich vegetarian protein, it plays an important role in reducing protein malnutrition. It is also called 'Gun Powder' as it is very spicy and tasty.

Health Benefits of Fried Gram

The nerves are strengthened
Proteins and other nutrients present in split fried gram reduce the chance of nerve damage in our body.

Improves physical strength
Fried grams are high in protein and vitamins. For those who eat a lot of this, it strengthens the bones, nerves, and muscles in the body and gives more energy to the body. People who work hard for a long time eat a few fried gram daily will give the body a lot of energy.

Increases digestive power

Organs like the stomach and intestines need to be healthy and energized to digest the food we eat. The easily digestible protein and fiber in fried gram help in the good digestion of the food. It also removes wastes from the body, cleanses the internal organs, and improves health.

Improves heart health
The number of people suffering from heart-related diseases is increasing all over the world. Avoiding low-fat diets and eating more protein-rich foods will improve heart health. Frequent consumption of protein-rich fried gram improves heart health and prolongs life.

Healthy growth

Fried gram is high in protein, which is essential for good physical growth. Protein is essential for the formation of cells, tissues, bones, and muscles. We can get better physical growth by eating more broken peanuts.

Increasing immunity
Legumes are all about improving the health of human beings. Eating a lot of fried gram will increase the immune system in the blood and protect us from fever and viral infections.

Growing skin health

Anyone who eats a lot of fried gram will not get any skin-related disease so easily. These lentils are rich in protein and other nutrients that enhance the radiance of the skin. The fried gram also has the ability to quickly remove rashes, scabies, and rashes on the skin.