Women osteoporosis and onions!

Women and onions!

Which is the rare food that cures osteoporosis in women? Only onions.

The University of Bern in Switzerland has found that this onion is a good cure for hip osteoporosis and fractures.

The University of Bern has been feeding onions for rats for four weeks. The bones of these rats in the study were variable in weight and firmness. Parsley, lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, garlic, and turmeric are also good for strengthening bones. But, all these are normal compared to onions.

Milk and soy, which are recommended for strengthening the skeletal system, have only a small effect on the bones of mice.

“We explored the extent to which all vegetables are beneficial in changing the development of the skeletal system. The results of a study conducted on mice revealed that they can have a similar effect on the human body. "Women and men need to add onions, which are the best way to prevent osteoporosis and to build healthy, heavy, and strong bones, and to treat it properly and at low cost," said Dr. Roman Mughalpener, head of the study team, in an interview with Nature newspaper.

“Onions are an important ingredient in preventing bone loss. It is not possible to say exactly what is in the onion preventing bone loss at this moment. In the diet of Mediterranean countries, the health-enhancing property is to eat onions daily. They mix onions well with olive oil, garlic, fish, red lettuce, and cabbage, ”says Dr. Roman.

All types of onions contain sulfur salts. These are the ones that take care of the blood, not clotting. Red onions contain quercetin. It protects the body from inflammation, allergies, and heart attack. Small onions contain folic acid, vitamin C, iron, potassium, and beta carotene. They do a great job of protecting from getting older look, eyesight, blood development, etc.

Medicinal benefits of Calabash/Bottle gourd

Benefits of eating Calabash

One of the best vegetables for everyone who wants to keep the body cool is bottle gourd. Bottle gourd is a food rich in water and fiber. The parts of bottle gourd such as the leaf, vine, fruit, and seed are all medicinal.

Bottle gourd is full of all the nutrients our body needs. It contains calcium, phosphorus, iron, and vitamin B. It also contains 96.1% moisture, 0.2% protein, 0.1% fat, 0.5% mineral salts, 0.6% fiber and 2.5% carbohydrate. All these are very beneficial for health.

Bottle gourd is used to avoid excess heat in the body. Helps a lot to protect the body from skin problems. Gives radiance to the body.

It is an excellent remedy for those who have difficulty urinating. People with kidney disease can get a good solution. They can consume a ripe bottle-gourd by adding a teaspoon of lemon juice to it.

Calabash is used as the best medicine for all eye diseases. The hydration in it gives coolness to the eyes and protects the eyes.

Bottle gourd is used as an excellent medicinal food for people with hemorrhoids. Constipation and hemorrhoids can be cured quickly by eating calabash once a week.

Medicinal uses of zucchini

  1. Bottle gourd can be eaten mixed with something like frying, broth, etc. to help keep the body cool.
  2. To get rid of heat-induced headaches, grind calabash flesh and apply it to the forehead.
  3. Calabash is the best medicine to urinate well.
  4. If you drink calabash along with lunch, the bile will heal quickly.
  5. It refreshes the nerves and strengthens the body.
  6. Relieves anemia in women and cleanses the blood.
  7. Calabash is an excellent remedy for intestinal ulcers and hemorrhoids.
  8. If you soak the leaves of calabash in water and drink that water, the swelling, stomach, and water retention will disappear.
  9. People who suffer from insomnia should massage the hair with good oil along with bottle-gourd juice before going to bed at night. This oil soaks into the hair follicles, scalp, etc. and immediately induces sleep
  10. Bottle gourd is high in fiber. This fiber helps digestion to take place well. It also helps the body absorb nutrients.
  11. People who want to lose weight can add bottle-gourd to their diet frequently to lose weight and stay healthy.
  12. Calabash is used as an excellent remedy for eye irritation and eye pain.

                      Medicinal Benefits of eating broccoli

                      Benefits of eating broccoli

                      Many of the vegetables used in our country are introduced from foreign countries. In that series broccoli is currently a vegetable that many people in India like to eat. This broccoli is native to countries around the Mediterranean. Broccoli was widely used in Roman cuisine in ancient times. Currently, people all over the world love and eat broccoli. Broccoli is from the same family of Cabbage, Cauliflower which is rich in many nutrients. We will know the benefits of eating broccoli in this post.

                      Uses of Broccoli

                      Cancer prevention

                      Numerous studies have shown that broccoli is effective in reducing and preventing cancer. Broccoli is high in a chemical called sulforaphane. It destroys the basic growth of cancer cells. Broccoli is also effective in preventing prostate cancer in middle-aged men. Broccoli has the power to cure cancers of the intestine, liver, bladder, breast, and lung.


                      The eyes are an organ made up of highly hydrated tissue. The growth of macular tissues in the eyes of most people approaching old age is reduced. For those who cook and eat broccoli frequently, the sulforaphane in broccoli prevents eye strain. It also protects the eyes from future diseases such as blurred vision and cataracts.


                      Heart disease is one of the most common diseases in the world today, regardless of age. The main cause of heart attacks is not consuming a lot of high-fiber foods. Broccoli is high in fiber. And broccoli is high in omega-3 fatty acids. It protects the heart by preventing the accumulation of bad fats in the blood and clogging the blood vessels leading to the heart.


                      The food and drink we eat and drink today are full of many different types of toxins. These combine little by little in the body and lead to many health problems in the future. Broccoli is high in sulfur compounds and glucosinolates. Those who eat broccoli once or twice a week will get rid of toxins in the body and get clean.

                      Gain strength of bones

                      Bones are the basis of our body. Vitamin K is essential for strong bones. People who eat foods that are deficient in this vitamin K can develop disorders such as osteoporosis in the future. Broccoli is a natural food that helps bones gain strength. Broccoli is high in vitamin K. People who eat broccoli twice a week get strong bones and teeth. This vitamin K also prevents the excretion of calcium needed by the bones through the urine.


                      Antioxidants are the basis of the human body's immune system. Anti-oxidant nutrients are essential for the body. Many people do not realize the importance of these antioxidant nutrients. Broccoli is rich in these anti-oxidants. Clinical studies show that regular consumption of broccoli reduces the risk of genetic disorders, cell mutations, and various types of cancer.

                      Skin health

                      The skin does the job of protecting our body from external influences and keeping the body temperature constant. The UV rays emitted from the sun are powerful enough to cause damage to our skin. They also cause skin cancer at times. Broccoli is rich in Vitamin A and Vitamin C. These nutrients protect the skin from dehydration. Prevents wrinkles, enhances skin radiance and youthful appearance.

                      Digestive disorders

                      High-fiber broccoli is the best solution for digestive problems and constipation. The fiber in broccoli increases the proliferation of germs that help digestion in the stomach and intestines, making it easier to digest the foods you eat. Prevents constipation. Doctors say that eating foods made with broccoli daily or twice a week is very good for the health of the stomach and intestines.


                      Most people are careful not to have cholesterol problems during this time. Broccoli is high in water-soluble fiber. This fiber absorbs the bile acids secreted by our gallbladder into the digestive organs and helps to keep the excess cholesterol in the food out of the body. Doctors say that those who eat a lot of broccoli get rid of 6 percent of the harmful cholesterol in the body.

                      Youthful appearance

                      It is the desire of all of us to look youthful. Broccoli is high in antioxidants. For those who eat broccoli at least twice a week, free radicals in the body prevent the destruction of cells, rejuvenate the body and delay the appearance of wrinkles, leaving a youthful appearance.

                      Top 5 Plants That Can Give Oxygen!

                      What are the plants that clean the air and give oxygen to the house?

                      Indoor plants, commonly known as the plants that are grown inside the house, often purify the air and produce more oxygen for us. Today man is in a position to buy and use even air in many forms. What are the five simplest plants that can produce oxygen in this condition? We will continue to read this post to find out.

                      People in other states or abroad will buy and grow a lot of varieties of plants indoors. Plants bought and grown like this are not just grown for beauty. It is now known that health beyond beauty is involved. What are these plants that clean and remove the polluted air inside the house and always produce oxygen? We are to know.

                      Foremost among these is the ‘Aloe Vera’ that we can all easily grow. Aloe vera has many medicinal properties and the benefits of these are innumerable. Growing such an Aloe Vera plant at home will eliminate the bad forces around the house and multiply the good forces. Also, increase oxygen production and give good air. Thus Aloe Vera is one of the must-have plants in everyone's home.

                      How many people know that the ‘Money Plant’, which is said to provide good luck and money, acts as an air purifier? Buy a money plant and keep it in any corner of the house and it will grow slowly even if you grow it in plain water. If the money plant does not grow in a house, it means that the house has a lot of bad vibrations. An easy-to-grow money plant that absorbs only water and air, absorbs air pollutants, purifies the air, and delivers oxygen.

                      A type of plant called the ‘Snake Tree’ is curved to look like a snake. When grown indoors, this plant absorbs large amounts of air pollutants and keeps the house clean by expelling more oxygen.

                      The bamboo tree is one of the most beautiful indoor plants. We would have seen plants like this put in big buildings, offices and growing. These plants also have the potential to produce more oxygen.

                      The very short trees, known as ‘bonsai’, have the power to give plants a beautiful appearance and to remove dust from the air, and give good breathable oxygen. Also similar houseplants like spider trees, flamingos, heart-shaped leaves plants that are mostly give oxygen. Grow such plants indoors to produce more oxygen and to breathe better!

                      Medicinal uses of Yardlong bean

                      Benefits of Yardlong bean

                      Yardlong beans are a vegetable from the beans family. Yardlong bean is a light green in color bean-like substance. But thinner and longer than beans. Inside the skin, there are young seeds. It is also called 'Karamani'.

                      Both the phytochemical and antioxidants in yardlong beans have the ability to prevent cancer. It contains fiber, folate, iron, essential minerals, and vitamins. This grain is a must for people suffering from protein deficiency. Those who want to delay the appearance of aging should often include yardlong beans in their diet.

                      Yardlong is high in both soluble and insoluble fiber. This will help control cholesterol levels. Diabetes comes under control. It is rich in Potassium, Calcium, Magnesium, and Phosphorus which are essential for the proper functioning of the vital organs of the body including the heart and kidneys.

                      Medicinal uses of yardlong beans

                      1. Yardlong bean gives coolness to the body. This vegetable stimulates the appetite and increases water. Removing the scab.
                      2. It can be eaten with fry or curry.
                      3. Vitamin C in it enhances immunity. Infectious diseases are not easily spread if you eat caraway often.
                      4. Karamani has a lot of essential folate for pregnant women. Folate-rich foods protect the unborn baby from neurological disorders.
                      5. Fiber in yardlong helps in weight loss, controls diabetes, and prevents heart disease.
                      6. Yardlong bean has the ability to cure stomach, pancreas, and spleen-related problems. Also helps in balanced bowel movement, corrects urinary tract obstruction, and corrects urinary tract infections.
                      7. Flavonoids in it prevent heart-related diseases.
                      8. Lignin in yardlong beans, protects against certain types of diseases including cancer, stroke, hypertension, and osteoporosis.
                      9. Yardlong bean is high in protein required for hair growth. For those who eat this, the hair will grow faster and thicker.

                      Medicinal uses of green peas

                      Benefits of green peas

                      There are about 1300 species of green peas. Green peas are also known as 'garden peas', sweet peas, and English peas. Green peas are the most nutritious of all vegetables. Green peas have a mild sweet taste. Green peas are native to southwest Asia and southern Europe.

                      Green peas can give strength to the lungs and heart. Green peas are rich in phosphorus. 100 grams of green peas contain 81 kcal. It does not contain cholesterol. It is rich in protein and fiber.

                      Peas are high in folic acid. B-complex vitamins called folates are essential for the smooth movement of the DNA package inside cells. They are in the peas. Peas lower cholesterol levels in the body.

                      Medicinal uses of green peas

                      1. Vitamin E is essential for good eyesight. Vitamins in peas help to prevent body aches and headaches and keep teeth, bones, etc. firm.
                      2. Eating peas will also reduce bad breath. Vitamins like niacin, riboflavin, and thiamine contained in peas strengthen all the internal organs.
                      3. Vitamin D in peas is well used to heal ulcers in the mouth, tongue, etc., and to keep the digestive organs functioning well.
                      4. Green peas are packed with antioxidants. This will help the blood to flow smoothly to the heart without interruption.
                      5. People who regularly consume green peas do not get stomach cancer.
                      6. Green peas are rich in vitamin K. Those who eat regularly will be rejuvenated and their memory will improve, which will prevent Alzheimer's disease.
                      7. Green peas are rich in nutrients that increase the number of red blood cells in the blood. People who regularly eat peas do not have anemia.
                      8. Green peas are high in folate. Folates prevent neural tube defects in newborns.
                      9. Green peas, which are high in protein and fiber, can help control blood sugar levels.

                      Benefits of eating gooseberry daily

                      Benefits of eating gooseberry

                      Gooseberry is the one that suppresses the tastes like sour, sweet, and astringent. Gooseberry is full of various amazing medicinal properties that no other fruit has. Protects against infection.

                      The vitamin c in gooseberry gives all the nutrients the body needs. Acts as an excellent tonic for hair growth. Gooseberry is very effective in correcting visual impairment.

                      Relieves body heat by cooling the body and eyes. If you eat a gooseberry every day, the wrinkles caused by old age can disappear and get a youthful appearance.

                      Gives freshness to the body and regulates blood flow. Gooseberries are fully available to us when we eat them raw. Eating two or three gooseberries a day is good for the body.

                      Gooseberry is rich in calcium, which strengthens the bones. Gooseberry is also used to increase the level of hemoglobin in the blood.

                      Medicinal uses of gooseberry

                      1. People with ulcers can cure ulcers quickly if they drink gooseberry juice on an empty stomach every morning.
                      2. Gooseberry is used to dissolve bad fats in the body and reduce sugar levels.
                      3. Gooseberry Fry, Gooseberry Pickle, Gooseberry Juice Gooseberry Jam is a variety of foods that we eat to increase physical health.
                      4. Drinking gooseberry juice daily can cure anemia, peptic ulcer, diabetes, and eye diseases.
                      5. Deseed gooseberry, grate it and squeeze the juice. Add honey and water to the juice and drink.
                      6. If you grind gooseberry and apply it to your hair and take a bath, you can prevent white hair.
                      7. If you mix gooseberry juice with honey and drink it every morning and evening, you will get rid of cataracts and eye disorders.
                      8. Vitamin C in gooseberry promotes the absorption of iron in the body.
                      9. Drinking ginger juice with gooseberry juice on an empty stomach in the morning can help you lose unwanted weight.
                      10. The anti-oxidant in gooseberry protects the retina of the eyes. As it is rich in Vitamin C, it improves vision and prevents watery eyes, eye irritation, and red eyes.
                      11. It removes blockages in heart valves,  blood vessels and keeps them functioning smoothly. Prevents heart block.
                      12. Although gooseberry is bitter, if it is eaten daily, not only hair problems and skin problems but also health will improve.
                      13. Put a handful of gooseberry leaves in 1 1/2 liter of water and bring to a boil. Mouth odor will disappear completely if you pour it in the mouth and spit by gargling in the heat that tolerates this.
                      14. Grind the gooseberry leaves and make into small balls, dry them in the shade, put them in coconut oil, and apply the oil daily on the scalp to prevent hair loss, white hair.

                                        Medicinal benefits of Turkey Berry

                                        Benefits of Turkey Berry

                                        The Turkey berry is small in size but the list of benefits it contains is huge. Although some people do not like the mildly bitter taste of it, its medicinal properties make Turkey berry excellent. This edible natural gift is rich in protein, calcium, and iron. So it helps in physical growth.

                                        There are two types of Turkey berry: wild turkey berry and native turkey berry. Wild turkey berry grows spontaneously in mountains and forests. These are often used for dry. Native turkey berry grown in home gardens and backyards can be cooked and eaten raw. It relieves constipation and eliminates indigestion.

                                        The leaves, roots, fruit, and whole plant of the turkey berry are medicinal. The leaves can prevent bleeding. The fruits are used as medicine for diseases related to the liver and pancreas. The whole plant is digestible. If this is cooked and eaten twice a week, the blood will be cleansed.

                                        Medicinal uses of turkey berry

                                        1. Eating turkey berry will eliminate fatigue. It can be eaten raw, packaged, or mixed.
                                        2. Postpartum women are given something called angaya powder as part of the fresh meal. The main ingredient in it is turkey berry.
                                        3. It has the power to increase the secretion of breast milk, stimulate the digestive system and expel toxins from the body. Turkey berry is good medicine for those who suffer from flatulence.
                                        4. For Respiratory Diseases, you should include turkey berry in your diet frequently.
                                        5. People suffering from stomach problems can get rid of stomach germs if they eat turkey berries three times a week. Stomach ulcers heal. The inner walls of the stomach become stronger.
                                        6. Turkey berry can control blood pressure. It has anti-inflammatory properties that prevent the deposition of fat in the blood vessels.
                                        7. It will increase white blood cells and boost the body's immune system.
                                        8. The iron in turkey berry can help fight anemia. Contains more iron than cashews and spinach.
                                        9. Adding turkey berry at the time of fever increases white blood cells and reduces fever and heals wounds and ulcers in the body.
                                        10. Thiamine, riboflavin in it prevents oral ulcers and tooth decay.
                                        11. Turkey berry can give tremendous power to the nervous system. This will help to increase vision and even memory.

                                        Medicinal uses of tomatoes

                                        Benefits of Tomatoes

                                        Tomato is an indispensable fruit that is found in everyday cooking in every home. There are two types of tomatoes. One is the country tomato. The other is the 'hybrid' type. Since there are no seeds in 'hybrid', they can be added generously to salads, juices, and all dishes without adding them to cooking.

                                        Country tomatoes are full of sour taste and seeds. When cooking this should be done after the seeds have been removed. Otherwise, they can form kidney stones in the kidneys, especially in men.

                                        Tomato helps to brighten the eyes and eliminates night blindness. Remove irritation during urination. Heal's a sore throat. Purifies the blood. Strengthens the bone. Relieves neurasthenia. Brightening the skin. Blood flow is smooth. Teeth and gums gain strength. Eliminates constipation. Heals ulcers. Relieves fatigue.

                                        Increases digestive power. Eliminates skin diseases like rash, scabies, etc. Avoiding infectious diseases. Heals mouth and stomach ulcers. Gives bone strength to babies growing in pregnancy. Reducing obesity. Tomato is a diet suitable for diabetics.

                                        There are no nutrients that tomatoes do not have. It is rich in Vitamin A, B, C, K, Iron, Phosphorus, Potassium, and Protein. It is rich in Vitamin A which is essential for the eyes. Similarly, vitamin K is a rare nutrient. This is also much in tomatoes. This vitamin K helps control bleeding.

                                        Medicinal uses of tomatoes:

                                        1. Tomato juice can be taken in the morning on an empty stomach to cure skin diseases.
                                        2. Tomato soup will relieve fatigue and tiredness.
                                        3. A recent study found that regular consumption of tomatoes does not lead to weight gain.
                                        4. Prevents osteoporosis, a disease of the lungs, chest, breast, and prostate.
                                        5. Tomatoes regulate the activity of appetite suppressant hormones. This helps to prevent overeating and keep the body under control without gaining weight.
                                        6. Tomatoes reduce the severity of the effects of cigarettes and smoking. It also prevents lung cancer.
                                        7. Chlorine, potassium, fiber, and vitamin C in tomatoes help the heart to function properly.
                                        8. Tomatoes are high in fiber, which helps keep our body's insulin and fat levels under control.
                                        9. Lycopene and magnesium in tomatoes increase bone strength and regulate the thyroid gland.
                                        10. Tomatoes are high in antioxidants and vitamin C, which helps prevent breast cancer.

                                        Medicinal uses of gray pumpkin

                                        Benefits of gray pumpkin

                                        Gray pumpkin is a vegetable belonging to the genus vine. It is gray in color and looks like a pumpkin. It is also known as summer pumpkin. It is rich in Vitamin B-1, Vitamin B-3, Vitamin-C, and minerals like Calcium and Potassium. 100 grams of fruit contains 26 calories. It has no fat and no cholesterol. It contains fiber, antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins for digestion.

                                        There are two types of pumpkins. One is a yellow pumpkin and the other is a gray pumpkin. Both of these pumpkins are used as food and medicine. The high potassium in gray gourd helps maintain healthy blood pressure. Gray pumpkin is 96 percent water. Gray pumpkin is the most suitable food for weight loss. Gray pumpkin is mentioned in Ayurveda as a wonderful vegetable for maintaining good health.

                                        Medicinal uses of gray pumpkin

                                        1. Gray pumpkin has body strengthening properties. It has the ability to cure neurasthenia and stomach ulcers, stomach irritation, bile diseases, kidney disorders, etc.
                                        2. Obesity can be avoided by consuming gray pumpkin. Also, the gray pumpkin gives coolness to the body.
                                        3. Gray pumpkin cures epilepsy. Gray pumpkin is used to relieve excess heat in the body.
                                        4. Gray pumpkin is also used as a medicine to cure nerve and brain diseases like epilepsy and mental illness.
                                        5. Gray pumpkin also helps in curing asthma and kidney stones.
                                        6. Protects skin health and mucous membrane areas. Gray pumpkin also helps to improve eyesight.
                                        7. It also contains good fatty acid which is essential for our skin. Gray pumpkin is also rich in Vitamin E, Zinc, and Magnesium which cause skin glow.
                                        8. Gray pumpkin seeds are also used as an insecticide to expel tapeworms.
                                        9. Gray pumpkin has the ability to solve the problems of body heat, irritation, waterlogging, etc.
                                        10. People suffering from body aches can get rid of it by eating gray pumpkin.

                                        Medicinal uses of Chow Chow/Chayote

                                        Benefits of Chow Chow

                                        We occasionally add a few vegetables to our diet. ‘Chow chow’ is one such vegetable. It is also known as Bangalore Eggplant. The leaves, pods, and seeds of this plant are rich in immunity.

                                        The vine-type chow chow is highly productive in cold regions. The leaves are large and split. Young pods pale green. Its seeds are inside the pods. Can be used to cultivate mature seeds.

                                        You can get relief from various ailments by frying chow chow, adding it to broth, or making soup with other vegetables. It contains calcium and vitamin C nutrients.

                                        Nutrients rich in 100 g of chow chow:

                                        Vitamins - A, B1, C, K - 19.2%, Carbohydrate - 17.8%, Starch - 10.7%, Folate - 10.5%, Protein - 5.4%, Calcium - 6.7%, Phosphorus - 4.8%, Manganese - 9% Contains Copper - 6%, Zinc - 5%, Potassium - 3%, Magnesium - 4%, Fiber - 1.4%, Iron - 2.5%.

                                        Medical Benefits of chow chow:

                                        1. Indigestion does not occur in people who use chow chow in their daily diet.
                                        2. Chayote is a highly hydrated fruit. Therefore multiplying and excreting urine. Also, it protects the body from urinary tract infections.
                                        3. It is essential to include chow chow in our diet regularly to get healthy. The vitamins in it increase the body's immunity and protect the body.
                                        4. Chow chow will strengthen the nerves by removing the nerve relaxation.
                                        5. Calcium in chayote increases bone strength. Vitamin C in it also strengthens the teeth.
                                        6. Chayote has the power to cleanse the stomach by removing stomach-related diseases.
                                        7. Chow chow lowers high blood pressure and keeps the body in balance.
                                        8. People suffering from constipation can get rid of constipation by adding chow chow to their diet twice a week.
                                        9. It cleanses the intestinal tract and eliminates diseases of the colon and small intestine.

                                        Medicinal uses of bitter gourd

                                        Benefits of bitter gourd

                                        If there's one vegetable that kids and adults alike refuse to eat, it's the bitter gourd. Because no one likes the bitterness of this vegetable. But the nutrients in it bring many benefits to the body. Knowing about the nutrients that bitter gourd gives, we will not say no to it.

                                        There are many types of bitter gourd. But farmers produce only two types of it. One is short and the other is long. The shorter one is called the bird head bitter gourd and the longest is called the horned bitter gourd. It is also known as Bagal and Pavakkai.

                                        Bitter gourd contains twice as much calcium as spinach. It helps in the growth of our bones and teeth. Similarly, it contains twice as much potassium as bananas. Potassium is essential for muscle strength, nervous system function, and heart health.

                                        Bitter gourd contains twice as much beta carotene as broccoli. Beta carotene is converted into vitamin A in our body. It is good for our eyes and skin.

                                        This vegetable is also rich in flavonoids such as vitamin A, B, C, beta-carotene, lutein, iron, zinc, potassium, manganese, and magnesium.

                                        Medicinal uses of bitter gourd

                                        1. Bitter gourd juice is used as the best medicine to fight type 2 diabetes.
                                        2. Plays an important role in the destruction of cancer cells in the pancreas.
                                        3. Boil bitter gourd or its leaves in hot water and eat it daily to boost the body's immune system. Expelling stomach worms.
                                        4. Vitamin C and antioxidants in bitter gourd protect the eyes from damage.
                                        5. Polypeptide-B, a chemical found in bitter gourd, acts like insulin and lowers blood sugar levels.
                                        6. It is high in fiber and is very helpful for digestion. Purifies the blood by expelling toxins from the body.
                                        7. Bitter gourd kills insects in the food bag. Stimulates appetite and soothes bile.
                                        8. It helps women who have had a baby secrete more breast milk.
                                        9. Bitter gourd, if added to the diet often, cough, gastritis, by the way, stomach worms will be eliminated.