There can be no one who does not like henna. Henna is a favorite of everyone from children to adults. Placing henna is not just for beauty but also has many benefits for our bodies. That is why our ancestors made it a habit to put henna on every function or celebration.

In those days people used to pluck and grind the henna leaf and keep it in their hands. But now the habit has come down a lot. Instead henna has come in many forms such as pack, powder, mold, etc.

Benefits of Henna:
  • Grind the henna leaf and place it on the hands to reduce body heat.
  • Frequent application of henna to the hands will reduce the incidence of mental illness.
  • For some people, applying henna can cause colds. For this, you can grind 7 or 8 vitex leaves or two to three drops of Eucalyptus oil together while grinding the henna leaves.
  • May protect nails from any disease.


Reducing body heat

Placing the henna on the palms and feet reduces the body heat. This will control skin diseases caused by body heat and stomach upset.


Hair loss, white hair, baldness, hair to grow thicker, grind the henna and rub it on the scalp before bathing and soak for an hour and then take a bath to get rid of all the hair related problems.


Grind and apply henna on the burnt area to reduce the pain.

Pain Reliever:

Applying henna leaf powder or paste on the forehead will reduce even the incurable headaches.

sore throat:

Soaking henna leaves in water and gargling will cure sore throat.


If you wrap the henna flower in a cloth and keeping around your head, will give you better sleep. The smell of the flower will bring sleep.

  • Henna leaves heal sores, rashes, lumps, and bile eruptions on the hands and feet.
  • Henna root cures diseases and soothes the body.
  • Drink 6 teaspoons of freshly collected henna leaf juice on an empty stomach in the morning. Doing so for up to 10 days cures whitening in women.
  • Henna flowers are used as a medicine for leprosy. This information has been confirmed by medical studies.

Grown in home gardens for beauty and its medicinal uses. The henna plant also has the names Maruthonri, Aina leaf, Ivanam, and Alavanam in Tamil.

Most often, betel nut and eucalyptus oil are used in grinding the leaves. So that, we get strong reddish color in hand.

Also, apply a small amount of sugar water (a little water is enough to dissolve a teaspoon of sugar) on the hands and when it is applied in hand and become dry. Do this 2 or 3 times.