One of the herbs used in ayurvedic medicine is Calotropis. It is also known as Erukkan, Arukan, and Almiratti in Tamil. Siddha doctors say that there are 9 types of Calotropis such as white calotropis, blue calotropis, and Rama calotropis. It will grow even in severe drought. Grows on barren, unmaintained lands, fields, and roadsides. Grows for 12 years without rain.

In traditional and grandmother's medicine, the Calotropis plant plays a unique role.

Plant structure:

It grows to a height of a man and grows densely. Leaves a lot of branches and buds in clusters at the apex. The leaf at the bottom turns yellow and falls off.

There is a milky stream from the tip of the plant to the root of the plant. When any part of the plant breaks, it emerges like milk. When a few drops come out, it stops by itself.  The leaves are ovate, 3 cm thick, 10 cm long, and 5 to 6 cm wide. 

Medical benefits:


Calotropis milk is used to treat dandruff, eczema, joint pain, joint inflammation, and hemorrhoids.

In rural areas, if the thorn in the foot is broken, they take milk of calotropis and apply it to it. The pain will subside and the thorn will come off as soon as the pus comes out.

Shoots like fire. Make a wound if we unknowingly touch our body, Kills worms. Heal's toxins. Gives resistance to disease.


If there is a pain in the heel, heat the brick and put a mature calotropis leaf on it. Keep the heel on the leaf with tolerable heat to cure the pain.

If the tumors appear in the body and do not break, They will break if the leaf is caught in the fire and placed on the tumor with tolerable heat.

If you burn the leaves and sniff its smoke, you will get mucus out of your body as you are inhaling through your mouth. Asthma and cough will be controlled.

Add little turmeric with the calotropis leaf extract and distill with mustard oil. Applying this oil on the scalp, rashes, scabies, etc. can provide relief from these skin diseases.

Its leaves, as well as flowers, roots, bark, and oil, are all-powerful in killing toxins.


Its buds are powdered with dry ginger, ajwain, and black salt, mixed with a little water, and rolled into pea-sized tablets. Taking at the rate of 2 tablets daily in the morning and evening to control indigestion, loss of appetite, flatulence, and bloating.


To prevent the body from becoming weak due to cholera, diarrhea, vomiting, nausea, etc., 2 flowers should be put in the mouth and chewed well.


The root can be charred, mixed with lamp oil, and used for outside use. Rub on non-healing wounds such as cockroach bites and allergies to heal quickly.


The ancient Tamils used silk cotton pillows and those who could not afford them used pillows made by calotropis cotton.

Curable Diseases


White flowers are a cure for asthma. Remove the veins in the flowers, take only the white petals, add an equal amount of pepper, cloves, grind into a smooth paste, roll the paste into black pepper size tablets, dry in the shade.  Thus, when having breathing trouble eat a ball and drink water, it will immediately subside.

Snake venom:

If you are bitten by a snake, take 5 flower buds immediately and put it in betel leaf and chew it well and swallow to control the venom. Then should go to the doctor and seek treatment.

Scorpion Bite:

You can grind the turkey berry size leaf and tie it in the bitten mouth.

Stomach worms:

Stomach worms and hookworm in the stomach can cause abdominal pain. Take 5 kg honey with 3 calotropis leave extract drops, the worms will be expelled.

Rheumatic pain swelling:

Take the required amount of flower and shallow fry and put it on the swollen, swollen tumors and they will become reduced. If there are incurable sores, dry the flowers and apply powder on the sores and the sores will heal quickly.


The locusts are left on the leaves. Take the leaf and dry it and keep it powdered. Add 30 g of dried powder, 30 g of pepper powder, and 30 g of pergularia leaf powder and mix it well. Sniff this powder on the nose to avoid Epilepsy.


Add 100 g of Calotropis flower, 10 g of salt, grind it like a batter, dry it. Then make an ash out of it. Brush it with these ashes will cure all tooth-related issues.

Ear disease:

Distill 50 ml of Calotropis leaf extract with 5g each of Acorus, hing, cinnamon, and garlic and filter it. Add this filtered juice drop by drop to cure ear pus, bleeding, pain in the ear.

Sexual disease, leprosy:

Add 200 mg of dried flower powder with a little sugar and take 2 times daily to cure white spots, sexual diseases, and leprosy.

Excerpt from the Scriptures .:

In the Atharvana Veda, it is said about the Calotropis plant.

It is considered a "sacred plant" because it is associated with Rudra (Shiva).

In the book "Sivamanjari", it is said that the best flower to worship Shiva in the morning is the Calotropis flower.

Calotropis in literature:

Ancient Tamil poet Kapilar said 2000 years ago that God would accept a flower, whether good or bad, without saying no even if it is a Calotropis flower.