Phyllanthus niruri

It belongs to the genus Shrub. Found in all parts of India. It can grow up to a foot in height. It is called Keelkainelli by the Tamils as it has a row of pods at the base of the leaf. In colloquial usage, it is also known as Keezhanelli, Kizhvai Nelly, and Keetkanelli. In English, this is called in few names as the gale of the wind, stonebreaker or seed-under-leaf

The fact that this herb has been used for jaundice in Tamil medicine since time immemorial can still be seen from the word of mouth and use of the villagers.

The herb has been studied in various ways in over a hundred laboratories in India.

Botanical name: Phyllanthus amarus

Family: Euphorbiaceae

The plant is called as follows in each language.

Hindi: Jaraamala, Nirur, Jangli Yambali

Bengal: Puyamla, Sadhahasirmani

Gujarati: Ponya Anmali

Kannada: Kilanellikkida, Nelanelli

Tamil: kheelanelli, kheelkainelli

Malayalam: Keezhanelli, Keerkanelli

Telugu: Nela Usirika

Bihar: Muyyara, Muligoa, Gandhara

Oriya: Pui Aola, Pedianla.

Sanskrit: Bhumiyamlaki, Taamalaki

The whole plant is used directly for medicine.


It has been shown to be effective in treating jaundice, urinary tract infections, peptic ulcer, sore throat, abdominal pain, diarrhea, menstruation, high fever, eye diseases, menstrual disorders, anorexia, skin diseases, ulcers, inflammation, hemorrhage, and many more.

Scientific studies have shown that more than 50 chemicals, such as pyll nirurine, fiber sequurin, 4-methoxy secyrinine, nirpylene, talic acid, ellagic acid, and helic acid, are present in the lower coccyx.

Modern pharmacological studies have found that Phyllanthus niruri has anti-fungal, anti-cancer, and anti-inflammatory properties. Various studies have also shown that this herb can lower blood sugar levels and protect the liver.

Studies have shown that chemicals such as Hypo phylandin and phylandin, found in the Phyllanthus niruri, are toxic only to fish and frogs.

However, the chemical has not been shown to cause any toxicity or side effects to humans or other animals.

Dosage: 10-20 ml of juice. Can be used once in the morning or evening. If it is Powder: 3-6 g.

Methods of use

1. Take an equal amount of Eclipta Alba, Leucas Aspera, cumin seed, Alternanthera sessilis, and grind with cow milk or coconut milk. Take amla size of this ground mix with either one of the milks mentioned above morning and evening for 7 days to cure Jaundice. 

It can also be given to young children by reducing the dose of the drug according to age. It is good to eat tamarind, smoke, tobacco, spicy, skim buttermilk, milk rice during the medicine period. Add fried salt.

2. Phyllanthus niruri-Mix: Take an equal amount of cumin, turmeric, and Canthium parviflorum linn and grind it well and add 300 ml of cow's milk or coconut milk. Drink this milk in the morning and evening to cure jaundice.

3. Take Phyllanthus niruri-MixEuphorbia ThymefoliaEclipta akbaGotu KotaAlternanthera Sessilis in equal proportions and mix well with buffalo yogurt and take 3 days and 6 times to cure blood jaundice.

4. Take an equal amount of Phyllanthus niruri and Eclipta akba and grind well. Take gooseberry size of this mix with milk to cure anemia, increase blood in the body.

5. If you are going beyond the menstrual cycle, take the Phyllanthus niruri, fig bark, Saraca AsokaSita bark, Ficus religiosa linn bark, Syzegium Cumini bark in equal proportions and grind them well and eat one teaspoon with either one of honey, hot water or milk alternately daily to cure all the cervical diseases.

6. Finely grind the Phyllanthus niruri and apply it to scabies to cure.

7. Rub the body with Phyllanthus niruri and turmeric, soak for a few minutes and take a bath to prevent skin diseases and cure all ailments.

8. Chew the Phyllanthus niruri well and brush your teeth. You never get tooth pain in your life.

9. Take an equal amount of ground Phyllanthus niruri powder, gooseberry powder, and eclipta prostrata roxb powder and eat it in honey to cure a frequent cold, lack of blood, and anemia. The body will gain immunity. 

10. Take one liter of Phyllanthus niruri juice, coconut water, gooseberry juice, Eclipta akba juice, Alternanthera sessilis juice mix, half a liter of lemon juice, 5 liters of cow's milk, 5 liters of pure sesame oil or coconut oil. Grind 40g each of licorice, Saussurea leppa Clarke, cumin seeds, cloves, cardamom, sandal,  Helicleris Isora, Saravasta Aristam with cow milk. Mix all together in a pan and heat in a very low flame until it becomes wax consistency. Filter the oil and store.

Rubbing it on the scalp daily and taking bath will cure eye diseases, bile diseases, syphilis, body heat, dryness, eczema, menorrhagia, jaundice. It is the best medicine for jaundice patients.