Black cumin reduces skin diseases. It stimulates appetite. Correct the digestion problems. Cure diarrhea. Acts as an insecticide. Prevents vomiting. Reduces heart pain. Stimulating the urinary glands. Increases milk secretion for women.

Grind a small amount of black cumin with cow's milk and apply it to the face and then wash it off to get rid of acne and pimple on the face.
Grind the black cumin with water and mix with sesame oil and apply it to eczema and scabies. You will see that they will get cured.

Grind the black cumin and apply it to the mosaic disease. They will disappear slowly.

Roast the black cumin and grind it with vinegar and apply to get rid of rashes and scabies.

Fry the black cumin powder and make powder. Soak this powder in oil and then apply drops into the nose to get rid of a severe cold.

Black cumin is good for phlegm, cold, snoring, and nasal congestion.

Black cumin powder mixed with honey and eaten with hot water dissolves urinary stones and removes urinary obstruction. Regulates menstruation.

Black cumin powder is good for colds if this is wrapped in a piece of cloth and sniffed.

Jaundice can be cured by soaking seven black cumin seeds in mother's milk and powdered and sniffed daily.

Eating 5 grams of black cumin mixed with water can cure respiratory problems.

Mix black cumin seeds and coriander powder in milk and eat it to cure digestion problems.

Mix black cumin powder with yogurt and eat to cure indigestion and gas trouble.

Grind black cumin seed with buffalo milk and apply it to the face to get rid of acne.

Grind the black cumin seeds with betel juice and apply it to the ear and cheeks to reduce the swelling.

Grinding black cumin seeds with water and applying on forehead is good for headaches. Boil black cumin seeds with vinegar and gargle to get good results for toothache.

Black cumin seeds is also known to cure bile and indigestion caused by bile.

Roast the black cumin seeds and make powder and mix it with lily oil and rub it on the scalp to prevent hair loss.

Black cumin seed oil is the best medicine for stroke.

Fennel seeds have relief from all diseases except 'death' ”