Excess gas in the stomach is the cause of belching and/or Flatulence.

Excess oxygen and nitrogen get into the stomach due to improper breathing, eating in a hurry, and drinking water as a gulp.

Gases such as carbon dioxide and methane are produced by bacteria in the colon. These come out as belching.
Proteins such as peas, legumes, and chickpeas cause flatulence in the colon. The bad odor is caused by high levels of gases such as ammonia.

Get rid of belching and gas harassment:

1. Do the necessary yoga for the stomach and intestines.

2. Exercise, aerobics, running, swimming, tennis, if you are involved in any of these, the stomach will function well and the air will be expelled due to the secretion of hormones.

3. Eating legumes that are high in protein will reduce flatulence due to the above exercises.

4. Garlic, dill, ginger, mint, coconut water, honey, these six foods help to digest well and push into the colon. In which excessive production of air is avoided.

5. Even if dressed as compressing the abdomen, make flatulence. So dress loosely.

6. It is good to take a bath after a few minutes massaging the abdomen with sesame oil.

Below are 13 types of foods that will help to eliminate flatulence and belching.

1. Soybeans,
2. Peanuts,
3. Almonds
4. Peas
5. Milk
6. Barley
7. Coconut
8. Millet Flour
9. Green gram
10. Curry leaves
11. Drumstick leaves
12. Cowpea
13. Little bit of betel and Arica nut

Drinking water like how we drink with a straw will not make the air in the stomach. Fear, anxiety, and depression can also interfere with digestion and produce more air.

So forget about vanity, worry, pain, and suffering and be healthy.