Acalypha Indica is a plant with various sizes of leaves in an alternative layer. It is a small plant with flowers located in the posterior axils of the leaf. The whole part of the plant is medicinal. The leaf causes vomiting and removes phlegm. The root is used to cure constipation. 

Grows spontaneously in all parts of Tamil Nadu. 

Other names: Arimanjiri, Andakam, Akkini Sivan, Poonai Vanangi, Anantham, Kozhippoondu, Sankarapushpi, Meni.
In English: Acalypha indica; linn; Euphor biaceae.

Medicinal properties:

Bed-sore can be cured by rubbing the leaves of the Acalypha indica wilted with castor oil. Dry the leaves in shadow and make it to powder. Sniff this powder to cure headaches

Take a handful of Acalypha Indica leaf, grind it with a little turmeric and salt and take a bath after a while, the skin disease will be cured. 

Take a bunch of Acalypha Indica and dry in shadow. Then make it a fine powder. Take a spoonful of this powder along with ghee two times a day for 48 days to cure the urinary fistula. This disease was abandoned by all other medicine except sidha.  Take a handful of 
Indigofera Tinctoria leaves and boils with 500 ml of water until it is reduced to 200ml. Take 50 ml of this boiled water 2 times a day for a week. Then follow the above-mentioned Acalypha Indica water medicine for 90 days. You can get rid of urinary fistula disease completely. 

Dry Acalypha indica root in the shade and make it powder. Take a handful of this powder and boil it in 1 liter of water until it is reduced to 200ml. Take this distilled water to get rid of tapeworm and tongue worms. (It causes diarrhea and expels worms from the stomach. It can be given half to children up to 12 years of age)

Grind the Acalypha Indica leaves and extract the juice. Take 2 teaspoons and give them to children up to 12 years of age to clear the phlegm. Kills stomach worms.

Take 200 ml of the juice of the Acalypha Indica leaf and mix it with the same amount of sesame oil, distill it into an ointment, filter it and rub it on the painful area to cure. Applying this leaf mixed with lime cures swellings and tumors.

Acalypha Indica leaf extract mixed with a little neem oil can be rubbed in the throat or in the uvula for small children to get rid of mucus through vomiting. This is the best medicine to cure headaches.

Grind the leaf and put it on syphilis and it will heal.

Taking Acalypha indica like spinach seasoned with castor oil for 48 days continuously will cure any gas-related diseases and phlegm.

Take a handful of root and put it in 500 ml of water and boil till it is reduced to 200 ml. Drink this water to get rid of constipation.

Take 5 gms of Acalypha indica root and eat it 3 times for 3 days to cure rat's bite. May cause vomiting and diarrhea during this time. (But there must be you should not have salt for these 3 days)

Take 50 ml of Acalypha indica balm mixed with honey to get rid of germs in the body. This ointment can be applied externally to cure rheumatic diseases.

We will be happier in life by adhering to the proverb prevention is better than cure!