A family of four went to an international restaurant in Chennai to celebrate their son's birthday. Father, Mother, and their middle school kids. Since it was a holiday they waited for a long time and got a table and sat down to eat finally. The menu card came in handy. They looked at the menu card.

The menu card doesn't even have the name of a dish that Dad knew. The names of the food were as frightening as the pill names like spaghetti, saramura, alpasta, croquette, Baquette. The children chose certain foods for themselves when their parents do not know which of these foods to eat.

Father surprised and thinking in his mind that "Where did they get used to eating all this? Who introduced them? They eat Idli, Pongal, and Rice with sambar like me at home every day".  ‘How did you choose? Dad asked to his kids. 'These foods are shown in TV commercial ads' Kids Said. TV decides what we should eat. This is the hardness of the time.

The father asked the children how the food was. Kids replied, "Just now we are eating for the first time too". The children said it taste like something. It means they do not like the food at the same time they wanted to eat. 

Father received a receipt for 7000 rupees for dinner eaten by four people. Dad was watching the bill very closely. The children looked him back as do not verify the bill. Dad wondered why this generation thinks checking the bill at the restaurant is an indecent act.

A meal for 7000 rupees. This is the amount a basement family can eat for a whole month. Dad's conscience kept asking him "why I allow robbery in the name of food"?

Dad was so hungry that he had to eat old rice, yogurt, and pickles when he got home. When they came home and he started eating water rice with yogurt. The children said, “It was useless to take you all to a multinational restaurant. You deserve to eat Idli” they joked and laughed.

Why the man who eats Idli is looked down upon. Why have the foods found in his habitat, such as idli, rice, congee, porridge, horse-tail millet, become the food of ridicule today?

The word Soru which is a Tamil word is not often used in Chennai. They just ask Rice. How to understand a man tickling to say eating Soru?

For rice, there are many words in Tamil. Adisil, Koozh, Azhini, Avizh, Kondri, Nimiral, Puzhungal, Bomman, Midhavai are few

We call watery rice Kanji (porridge). Gaadi, Mozhai, Suvaagu are other names for Kanji as per Pingala Nikandu. Today's Tamils do not even know what foods were eaten by the ancient Tamil people such as Oonchoru, Kolunchoru, Senchoru, Neychoru, Melladai, Kummayam, Oonthuvai Adisil, Puliyankuzh.

The benefits of eating Idli are unknown to the younger generation. It is simple steamed food. Soak and grind the rice and lentils and eat as Idli and dosa the next morning. This provides the body with essential minerals and amino acids.

The amino acid lysine, which regenerates tissues, triples, and the gamma-aminobutyric, which aids kidney function increases 10 times. Idli is listed as one of the best breakfasts in the world.

Instant Idli and dosa batter are available for sale in stores today. Some companies mix boric acid and Arrowroot flour to keep the flour from fast fermenting.

Eating habits do not change automatically. Companies plan and change it. Today they are selling new food items to plunder the food market with no worries about its pros and cons. This fraud, which started with colonial domination, is growing into a hero today.

Today food is not just a matter of food. That’s the big market. This is multi-billion-dollar international marketplace. He sits in the United States and decides what we should eat. They spread all kinds of lies about food. The city and the village have been invaded by junk food now.

Not just in multinational restaurants, but in domestic restaurants as well, they do not like if we say in Tamil. They do not like if we say sambar rice, curd rice. But, if we say as besibelabath, bagalabath, they do like them. The same happening all over India.

Today's restaurants are having employees with tying ties, handing out big menu cards and putting up decorative lights. In addition they charge a fee for parking if you go by car. They will keep a bottle of water in table and take a profit from it. Our people also ask water bottle only to maintain their status. Because we need to take a selfie with all the recipes we ordered. We need to give tips. We will feel ashamed if we do not give tips there. Apart from this some restaurants will ask for a fee that is for the card payment. If we ask they will say GST. 

We are deceived every day by the name of food. Cook and eat at home as much as possible. This will reduce your cost and be good for your health. Be aware and save some money. Because its your money by your hard work!!