Citron fruit

Fruits can provide nutrients directly to man. Among the gifts of nature, fruits are the number one food. Many of the devotees lived on only by eating milk and fruit. Some nutrients are lost when cooked. But all the nutrients in the fruits are available to the human body intact.

From growing children to the elderly, pregnant women should eat more fruits. In this post, we will learn about the citron fruit which is available everywhere.

The citron fruit belongs to the genus Lemon. The fruits are large and can be found in lime size.

The pods are well green. The well-ripened fruit is a mixture of yellow and green.

The skin of the fruit is a little strong. The skin has full of water. There are 8 or 10 pulp sectors inside the fruit.

Some people do not like this fruit because of its sour taste. But well-ripened fruit tastes good. The aroma of the citron fruit has the property of controlling other odors.

It is best to eat only well-ripened citron fruit. This fruit is available in all seasons.

Still, many Indian village people consider Citron fruit as their lime. In ancient times in the backyards of every house in the villages, there would definitely be citron, drumstick, lemon, and coconut trees. These citron trees can live for more than a hundred years. They use this fruit for making pickles.

Let us learn about the medicinal properties of citron fruit.

To relieve bile

Increased bile affects the liver and contaminates the blood and causes many diseases. This increase in bile causes dizziness, vomiting, and giddiness. If you eat citron fruit every morning, the bile will be relieved.

Relieve body heat

Body heat can cause more damage. Eat one citron fruit every day to relieve body heat. The body will get refreshed.

Purify the blood

When the blood is polluted, the white blood cells(white corpuscle) in the blood are affected. Thus weakening the body's immune system. If you eat citron fruit daily, your blood will be cleansed.

To strengthen the body

The body will be strengthened if you take the juice of citron fruit and drink it with palm sugar or honey.

Get rid of the sick

It is very good to drink citron juice for the health of those who are suffering from the effects of the disease.

Drinking this fruit juice at noon will reduce the effect of the heat.

Stomach upset

The stomach looks like a big balloon even if some people eat a little. Sometimes it also increases gas trouble.

If they squeeze the juice of the citron fruit and mix it with hot water and drink it often, they will get rid of flatulence and stomach upset.

To get a normal delivery

Take the juice of the citron fruit mixed with water along with a spoonful of honey and drink well in the morning and evening to have childbirth easy and normal.

Eliminates fatigue
Relieve from Vomiting and dizziness.
Control Hemorrhoids.
Increases digestive power and eliminates indigestion.
Increase masculinity.
Bitterness in the mouth will go away.
Relieves body itching.
Eliminates constipation
Congestion is cured.
Improve vision.

We will live a long life by eating the citron fruit daily which is available in all seasons.