Ipomoea Reptans Leaves

In Tamil, this green is called Sakkaravarthi Keerai.

Its English name is Pig Weed. Also known as Goosefoot. The scientific name for the plant is Chenopodium Album.

Ipomoea reptans are one of the plants used as greens. This green also has other names like glass leaves, sakoli, Silli leaves. In Malaysia, it is called kangkong. It can grow spontaneously in arable lands. It is also cultivated in some parts of Tamil Nadu.  Ipomoea Reptans grow vertically to a height of about three feet. It has greenish-red stems and scarlet leaves.

Ipomoea reptans are rich in vitamins and minerals. These leaves can be cooked with ghee and eaten with lentils. You can also make shallow fry by adding little lentils and grated coconut. It can be eaten as a broth. You can add tamarind and chili to these greens and mash them and eat with white rice. Soup can also be prepared and served.

Ipomoea reptans flavor the tongue and stimulate appetite. These greens are an excellent remedy for gastritis. People suffering from bloating due to the inability to urinate can be cured by using these greens. This will loosen the stool and make it easy.

If you eat the Ipomoea reptans four days a week with meals, the desire for sex will increase and home life will be more enjoyable. The oil extracted from these plant seeds is said to kill intestinal parasites such as hookworms and tongue worms.