Morinda umbellata

Morinda umbellata or Morinda coreia is native to South Asia. A small tree that appeared two thousand years ago. It is a species of flowering plant in the coffee family, Rubiaceae.

Morinda umbellata is a tree found all over Tamil Nadu. It is a medium-tall tree. It grows up to 6-10m tall. The leaves are 15cm long. Flowers are white in color and 1.5cm long. Flowering in March-June. The pods are green with four tips. The pods become black color when ripe. 2 cm in size.

Mature woods are yellow in color. These are ideal for making farm tools, small wooden furniture, and toys.

Name of the herb in Tamil-: Nuna.
Plant Family -: RUBIACEAE.
Other names -: Manjanathi, Manjal Neeratti.
Racial Difference -: White Nuna. MORINDA CHITRIPOLIA
Useful parts -: Young leaves, leaves, pods, bark, roots are useful.


A small tree that can grow in all types of lands. It grows all over Tamil Nadu. The inside of the tree is in yellow color. That is why it was called Manjanathi in Tamil. The straps are thick. It is being propagated by seeds.

Medical Benefits:

Relieve body heat. Relieves from inflammation. Cures depression, liver, and spleen disorders. Stimulates appetite. Cures skin diseases. It is used for coloring clothes.

Morinda umbellata bark is used to cure eczema, wound, syphilis, and leaves used for curing dullness and blennorrhoea.


Take the rib of the leaves and boil with basil leaves, Eclipta prostrata, black pepper, dry ginger. Cool down and filter the water. Give 5 ml to 10 ml to kids based on their age to cure infantile diarrhea caused by indigestion. Grind the leaves and apply them to the wound to cure eczema, bleeding wound faster. Squeeze the leaf and take the juice. Apply on the hip area to relieve hip pain.

Cutaneous rash

Take Morinda umbellata bark, portia tree bark in an equal ratio, and fire till it burns half. Then take the charcoal and mix with little sesame oil and make a paste. Apply this paste daily on the rashes to cure permanently.


Collect 1.5kg Morinda umbellata pods and cut them into small pieces. With this add 1/2 kg crystal salt and fry them in a low flame. Once the pods become fried and cooked well cool down and store in a bottle. Use this paste to brush your teeth daily. It will cure tooth decay, tooth weakness, bleeding gums, toothache, etc.

Mix one part of Morinda umbellata leaf juice and one part of the mixed juice of Pergularia daemia, vitex, and Lippia Nodiflora, and give 3,4 times to cure all the ailments, particularly A wasting disease, in children, Tabes mesenterica

50 drops need to give for a six-month-old baby15 ml for one to two-year-olds, and for three and above age 30 ml. Along with this be sure to adequately easily digest food.

Stomach problem:

Take an equal amount of Morinda umbellata young leaves, leaves, riped fruit, and grind with 35g of wild cumin seeds. Take the coconut size of this paste and start boiling with 1 liter of sesame oil and stir it until it becomes wax consistency. Then filter the oil and store the paste. Take a turkey berry size of this paste and drink with a glass of milk daily morning and evening to cure all stomach problems. Use the oil to apply on secondary syphilis. It will cure in 6-18 months.

Make a decoction with Morinda umbellata root and drink. This will cure any type of constipation. Constipation will resolve without harm.

Skin problems:

Take 1kg of Morinda umbellata bark and make powder. Add this powder with 4 liters of water and boil. Add 1/2 liter lemon juice once it started boiling. Then add 1 liter of sesame oil and boil until it becomes a thick consistency. Cooldown this and store it in a bottle. Apply this ointment all over the body and rub it on the scalp once a week for half an hour before taking a bath. It will cure tumors, lymphogranuloma venereum, and syphilis It also cures menstrual cramps, gallstones, and eczema.

For coloring dress:

Soak Morinda umbellata bark in hot water. The water will get saffron color. This water can be used for adding color to white fabrics. This saffron dress cures internal ailments.


One of the Chennai-based companies makes a cool drink with white Morinda umbellata pods and exports to abroad countries. This drink has medicinal properties.