Eaglewood is called the Akhil tree in Tamil. It is one of the most influential tree wood in the medical world and people after sandalwood. It has the ability to cure various ailments and is one of the most affordable ingredients to buy. 

Eaglewood is one of the species of wood belonging to the genus Sandalwood. In many places in the forest, you can see Eaglewood trees growing along with the sandalwood tree.

It is the nature of this tree to create a feeling of heat in the body. It also has the ability to decrease the bile in the liver. Eaglewood has the power to reduce swelling in any part of the body. Only the trunk of the Eaglewood tree has medical significance.

Eaglewood is said to have the ability to relieve migraines, headaches, certain types of fever, common rheumatic diseases, eczema and skin diseases, vomiting, nausea, and tasteless feel. If we make medicine out of this wood properly, it will help to remove aging skin imperfections such as gray hair and keep the skin smooth and radiant. It also has the property of relieving body fatigue immediately.

Cut the Eaglewood wood into small pieces, put 300g in a clay pot, add 2 liters of water and bring to a boil. When the water is half-dried, strain the water and keep it in a cool place. Drink this water one ounce a day in the morning and evening to get rid of heat-related ailments and bile-related ailments. It is used as good medicine, especially for fever-related bile.

Burn the small eaglewood block well. Burn off the fire after burning a little. Liver-related ailments can be cured by extinguishing the fire after a short burn and inhaling the smoke through the nose and mouth. When vomiting occurs, smoking in this way will stop the vomiting. Inflammation of the lungs may also be cured. If there is a rash or wound on the body, show the smoke of the wood on top of it, they will heal quickly.

Grind the eaglewood block well with cow's milk. Grind like sandalwood. If this paste is constantly applied to the skin of the body, the wrinkles of the skin will go away. People who have a high fleshy body, can continue to apply this paste on the body and the flesh will shrink and the body will look better structured.

An ointment can be made with eaglewood. This ointment removes many ailments that can occur internally in the organs like the nose, throat, and ear. Cures headaches as well.

How to make eaglewood balm:

Cut the eaglewood into small pieces. Collect 300 g of chopped pieces and boil in 2 liters of water. After it is reduced to a liter of water, drain it and let it cool down. Add one liter of cow's milk and one liter of sesame oil and boil it. Put 30 g of licorice and 30 g of Terminalia Bellerica powder in it and boil. Then strain it and store it in a bottle. This ointment should be applied inside the affected organs. Can also be rubbed on the affected part. It can also be done as an oil bath.