A great misery for Milk.

I was in the cow’s stomach.

She snatched me up and poured me into the pot.

She ignited the stove, put the pot in the oven, and heated me in it.

I could not tolerate the heat. I was throbbing with pain.

Why such a punishment for me who was very very safe in a cow's stomach? ”

That made me disgust myself.

She let me out of the oven in a swell.

Just in time, when I was cool, she came up with the sour cream and added it to me.

Is this a new punishment? ” I suffered by that.

No one cared about me after that.

I was liquid and turned solid. They gave me new names called curd, Yogurt.

Did they stop there? They poured me into a pot and started whipping it with a grove.

I was again a liquid of whey.

They got a solid substance out of me and named it butter.

When I hear the name ‘Butter’, abba! I was thinking that Will my life is 'better'? hereafter” I longed for that.

Is my difficulty solved at this stage?

She put the butter in the pot and kept it in the oven again and melted me.

They gave me another new name, Ghee.

She poured the melted ghee into a jar and kept it next to the window in that house.

When I was thinking about all the stages and difficulties faced to become a present stage,

I noticed two women outside the window talking about something.

What is the price of milk in your village? ” One of those ladies asked.

The other lady replied that "Half a liter is 20 rupees.

Immediately the first lady, but did you see the selling price of this ghee?

If you ask for half a liter, the shopkeeper says 250 rupees. ”

I was in the jar close to the window and I was surprised to hear them talking.

When I was milk my value was just 20 rupees,

But, after experiencing many hardships my value has increased to 250 rupees!

When you think about it,

I don't think all the hardships I went through are not a big matter! ” That ghee told.

What lesson can we learn from this story?

The challenges and difficulties we face in life are going to improve the quality and value of our lives!!

So do not worry about difficulties or problems happening in your life! They are definitely going to increase your value at one stage!!