Taro is cultivated throughout India for medicinal and food purposes. It is called by many names such as Colocasia Indica, elephant ear, and Indian kales. In Tamil, it is called CheppankizhanguSamaikilangu, Semaikilangu, Chembu. Leaves produced from this root are also used as food. Usually, we don't use leaves as much as we use roots.

There are thousands of varieties in the store. It is classified based on the shape and texture of the leaf. Taro thrives in tropical regions. Grows naturally in well-watered valleys and canal sides. Mostly, it thrives in places with abundant water resources like river banks, river basins, etc.

Taro leaves and young stems are cooked as food. Young leaves are more edible than mature leaves. A little soda salt should be added while cooking. Add some tamarind and lemon juice while cooking the stems. This will remove the bitterness.

Vitamin and mineral salts

Taro leaves contain protein, fat, mineral salts, fiber, and starch. Calcium, oxalic acid, magnesium, and iron are also found.

Bionutrients include vitamin A, C12 thiamine, riboflavin, thiamine, nicotinic acid.

Cooking with its stem is one way of cooking.  All the nutrients are available in abundance when cooked along with the stem.

The cut will heal

Taro leaves also work as an excellent herb. It has the power to cure many diseases. The juice of this leaf is applied to cuts and wounds to heal quickly. Makes muscles grow faster.

Apply the juice of this leaf on bleeding wounds to stop bleeding. Constipation and abdominal pain can be relieved by giving its juice. Mixing ghee with spinach and stem in boiled water and giving cures stomach ache. A couple of drops of this leaf juice can be used for earache, ear discharge, etc. This will relieve the pain.

The poison will go away

Applying the juice of these leaves will relieve the pain caused by bites from poisonous insects like wasps, beetles, and centipedes.

Hemorrhoid medicine

Taro leaf extract is used to bind sperm in men with spermatozoa. It is a good remedy for hemorrhoids. Boil Taro leaves with tamarind and eats to get rid of piles and blood clots. Adding these leaves to the diet will cure secondary syphilis. Also cures gas trouble, body heat,  blood Hemorrhoids, and brain Hemorrhoids.