Black Nightshade

Solanum nigrum, the European black nightshade or simply black nightshade or blackberry nightshade, is a species of flowering plant in the genus Solanum, native to Eurasia and introduced in the Americas, Australia, and South Africa. In Tamil, it is called Manathakkali.


Due to the development of modern life, our people like to eat vegetables which are imported from foreign countries. But today, only a few people are eating vegetables that provide many nutrients to the body, which have been grown in our soil for years. One of the types of green that can be considered a medicinal herb is a Black nightshade. Here you can find out what are the benefits of eating this green.

Benefits of Black Nightshade

Throat pain
Singers, teachers, and stage speakers, whose profession is speech, talk continuously for several hours without even drinking water until their throat becomes dry. In such cases, you will get good relief if you eat ripe Black Nightshade greens and eat them often.

Stomach ulcers
Skipping breakfast, eating too late, and eating highly spicy foods can cause ulcers in the intestinal areas of the stomach. It also causes problems in digesting food. Consuming Black Nightshade greens in the form of gravy or koottu cures intestinal ulcers. It also loosens the stool and solves the problem of constipation.

Essential nutrients
Vitamins, iron, phosphorus, calcium, and other minerals are essential for various body functions. Spinach is rich in all these nutrients. Therefore, Black nightshade is a natural food for everyone, including growing children and teenagers, pregnant women, and middle-aged people.

Cold and fever
People who suffer from cold and fever can experience high body temperature and weakness. Also, there will be a pain in the hands and feet. If you pick some leaves of the Black nightshade plant, squeeze the leaves well and extract the juice, rub the juice well on the forehead to relieve fever and on the hands and feet to relieve pain.

Tuberculosis is a disease in which a type of germ enters our body, stays in the lungs, and infects those organs and causing shortness of breath, dry cough, etc., and causes great pain. People suffering from this disease can reduce the severity of the disease if they eat a small number of Black nightshade leaves and fruits daily.

It is due to liver damage that causes dangerous diseases like jaundice and hepatitis. People suffering from jaundice and people with liver problems should boil the leaves of the Black Nightshade plant in water and drink it along with the medicines they are already taking to help them get rid of these diseases quickly.

Drinking less water and eating foods that are high in salt can lead to the formation of kidney stones in some people. Kidney stones will dissolve in those who are consuming Black nightshade green every day. It increases urine well and removes all the toxins accumulated in the body through urine.

Some women are unable to conceive even after many years of marriage. If such women eat Black nightshade greens in their diet at least two or three times a week, their uterus will be strong. All the toxins that stay inside them come out and make the women fertile soon.

Many men are infertile because their cells are weak. Regular consumption of Black nightshade greens strengthens the nerves and reproductive organs in men and relieves male infertility.

Stomach cancer is one of the many types of cancer. This cancer affects not only the stomach but also the related intestine, pancreas, etc. People who eat a lot of Black nightshade have a reduced risk of stomach cancer.

The leaves, pods, and fruit parts of Black Nightshade have medicinal properties. Leaves and young shoots can be converted into juice and taken at the rate of six ml per meal. The fruit is just as powerful as the leaves.

Black Nightshade is also known as Sukkutti Keerai in some parts of Tamil Nadu.

To cure chronic diseases, this vegetable juice should be mixed with something like buttermilk, curd, milk, and fresh coconut water and consumed daily.

First, drain and wash the leaves. Dissolve the tamarind in hundred ml of water and filter. Cut onions and green chilies into two pieces. Add a glass of water, 1/4 spoon of turmeric powder, washed Black nightshade leaves, boiled moong dal, asafoetida, garlic, and salt, and boil all together. Put the pan on the stove and add the required amount of oil and fry the onions and green chilies.

Once the onions are golden brown, add the tomatoes and fry till the oil separates. Then pour the dissolved tamarind solution and boil till the raw smell goes away. Mix the cooked spinach with this boiling sour solution and boil for another ten minutes. Now keep aside this gravy. Add a teaspoon of oil to a seasoning pan and add one dry red chili, mustard seed, urad dal, and cumin seed. Once the mustard starts to splutter and mix it with the gravy. Delicious Black nightshade spinach gravy is ready.