Tamil history has seen many heroic ladies. But a Brave lady means she is one. Velu Nachiar.  Not ordinary valor, but valor in the face of very great forces. 'Shakanti' is a town near Ramanathapuram. Velunachiyar was born here. Father Muthu Vijayaragunatha Chellathurai Sethupathi. King of Ramanathapura. Mother Mutthathal Nachiyar.

velu nachiyar

Their only daughter is Velunachiyar. It is a Tamil proverb that we say this day called "The growing crop is visible in the bud". But Velunachiyar has been an example of that during that time. Brave was the only word Velunachiyar knew as a child. Fear is an unknown word for her.

She learned all the martial arts like sword fighting, archery, javelin throwing, horse riding, and elephant riding. All these helped her later. Velu Nachiyar is good not only in sports but also in subjects. She Knows ten languages. She knows Epics like Mahabharata and Ramayana. There was a turning point in the life of Velunachiyar, a young girl who grew up in these ways. King Muthu Vadumugaganathar of Sivaganga, who was enamored by Velu Nachiyar's beauty and bravery, married her. It was the year 1746. Velunachiyar migrated to Sivagangai.

A large force of Nawab of Arcot attacked and captured Ramanathapuram. The Nawab's next target was the Sivaganga.

Nawab never failed to reach his desired places. They wait and attack the place at the right time. Sivaganga king Muthuvadumuganathar was also not easygoing. He knows martial arts. Valorous. He is wise. Velu Nachiyar, the wife of Muthuduka Nathar, was a suitable pair for him. Chinna Maruthu and Periya Maruthu brothers were the military commanders to support them. They are known for their bravery. Nawab who was watching the time got a rare opportunity.

English forces came to help the Nawab to attack Sivaganga. They had modern weapons. The Nawab planned to attack Sivaganga with them and bring it under his control. Once when King Muthu Vaduganathar was worshiping in the Kalaiyar temple, Nawab's forces surrounded the temple. They attacked with war equipment provided by the British. Vadukanathar and his forces fought a valiant battle. However, they were unable to withstand the onslaught. Vaduganathar finally died. The Kalayar Temple fort was captured by the Nawab forces.

At this time Nawab sent a force to arrest Nachiyar. The force defeated Velu Nachiyar on the way. But Nachiar did not give up. She fought furiously. She scattered the enemy forces. Her only goal was to visit her dead husband. But the Marudu brothers who were generals gave her different advice. "The fort has fallen. The king is dead. We cannot take revenge on the Nawab if you also go and get trapped. They said that you should live to conquer the country and save the pride of the country, so don't go there". But Nachiyar did not listen. She went to the temple to see her husband's body. At that time Nawab's party and the British forces had entered Sivaganga.

She escaped in a palanquin from Sivaganga with the protection of the Maruthu brothers. They traveled to Melur on horseback. Velu Nachiar sought Hyder Ali's help to overthrow the Nawab. Strong not only in valor but also in wisdom. She decided to seek the help of King Hyder Ali to defeat the Nawab and the British forces. Because Hyder Ali was the arch-enemy of the British and Nawab. From the jungles where she was hiding, she wrote to Hyder Ali for help. At that time Hyder Ali was in Dindigul. Three horsemen arrived in front of Hyder Ali's palace to deliver the letters. They said it was coming from Velu Nachiyar. Hyder Ali invited them inside. Hyder Ali asked, 'Velu Nachiyar has not come?'' She took off her turban, a warrior, it was Velu Nachiyar.

She was even more surprised to speak fluent Urdu with Hyder Ali. Velunachiar explained her sufferings and ideals to Hyder Ali. Seeing her bravery, Hyder Ali allowed her to stay in his fort.

From there they started increasing their war forces. Velu Nachiyar's ambition was to destroy the British army and overthrow the Nawab.

Velu Nachiar went to fight with the Nawab forces with modern weapons given by Hyder Ali. First she captured the Kalayar temple.

The Nawab's forces and the English forces were spread out at Sivaganga and Tirupattur. Only defeating them can save Sivaganga. Velu Nachiyar divided her forces into two, one with Chinna Maruthu as commander and the other with Velu Nachiar in command. The force led by Chinna maruthu defeated the white forces at Tirupattur. On Vijayadashami, it is customary for women to go and worship Goddess Rajarajeshwari inside Sivagengai Palace.

British troops are guarding outside. Velunachiyar and the army of women who were with her concealed their weapons in their clothes and rushed into the temple inside the palace with a crowd and launched a surprise attack.

The British forces did not expect this. They fell apart. The survivors fled the country. The British flag flying over the Sivaganga fort was brought down. Hanuman flag hoisted by Velu Nachiyar. Her vow was fulfilled. Velu Nachiyar became the queen of Sivaganga. Her time was a time of valor. Velu Nachiyar died at the age of sixty-six. Her life is still a testimony to the valor of the Tamil land.