The seed of the Strychnos potatorum tree is called the Clearing nut. Our forefathers used this nut for many benefits. In Tamil, this nut is called Theatran kottai.

Clearing nuts uses

Even today, our forefathers are using clearing nuts available in country drug stores (Nattu marundhu kadai) to make water clear without abandoning the traditional practice.

Studies on this also suggest that the particles present in the clearing nut absorb various chemicals and help clarify the water. This nut is not just used for cleaning the water. Let us also know what else is beneficial.

The clearing nut tree has shiny, dark green leaves and its seeds are like small balls. Both its seeds and fruits have medicinal properties.

Just as these nuts help to clarify murky waters, it also recovers those with weak bodies. Since this nut contains non-toxic substances, it can be used with confidence. That's why naturopaths suggest recovering with clearing nut.

Let's know how to use clearing nuts to purify drinking water at home.

You can fill a waterpot or a pot with water and keep it clean even if it is mud or dirt. Rub the clearing nut available in country medicine shops inside the pot and fill it with water.

After some time, the dirt and turbidity will disappear and the water will be clear. Ancient elders still drank water by rubbing this clearing nut and purifying it.

They also reduce the salty taste in the water as much as possible and make it cleaner, tastier, and aromatic.

This nut is an excellent remedy for urinary tract infections and urinary-related problems. It also cures those who have frequent urination problems.

Although the fruits of the clearing nut tree look like blackberries, their seeds are used medicinally. Clearing nut powder is available at local drugstores. Nuts are also available separately. You can buy this powder and prepare it at home.

For those who have the problem of frequent urination, take half a teaspoon of this powder boiled in hot water and drink it with milk to gradually cure them. It is a good remedy for hemorrhoids. It also cures kidney disorders.

Both men and women are prone to reproductive disorders. Clearing nut extract is especially helpful in treating ulcers caused by sexually transmitted diseases.

Clearing nut helps men to increase sperm count and improve their lean bodies. For this purpose, Clearing nut electuary is specially prepared.

With this powder, add long pepper powder, mix of gall nuts, Terminalia chebula, Phyllanthus emblica,Terminalia bellerica powder, cumin powder, and alpinia officinarum and grind into a paste with cow milk.  Along with this paste, add an equal amount of country jaggery and mix it. Both should be kept stirring by adding cow's ghee to reach a halwa consistency. It is enough if the stove is on medium flame. When the ghee separates, add pure honey and mix. If you eat this halwa two servings of gooseberry size every day, you will get a strong and fit body.

Among the countless remedies for diabetes, clearing nut is also important. These nuts should be soaked in milk and then washed once in clean water and dried in the shade. Then to purify this nut, add four parts of Amaranthus Campestris juice (Sirukeerai in Tamil) and boil. Then wash the nut. Now the nut will be clean. Then keep it powdered and drink it with warm water daily to control diabetes.

When there is too much heat in the eyes, eye swelling, eye irritation, accumulation of dirt in the eyes, and watery eyes may occur. For this, you need to clean and grind the clearing nut with Indu salt(Indhuppu in Tamil) and apply it around the eyes.

This method is also beneficial for eye swelling and eye diseases. This is also effective on wounds and sores. Apart from these, clearing nut powder can be mixed with water and drunk during Dysentery.

Traditional medicine always has its place. The above tips were followed by the ancestors. You should also consult your general naturopath before you try this.