Today youth's main problem is hair fall. People are thinking that if alopecia happens then the hair will not be grown in those areas. Alopecia is happening due to the lack of blood circulation in the head. Also, the hair is falling due to the lack of protein and maintenance. Scientists recommend that these problems can be resolved by applying for natural medicine. Read the following points.

To avoid alopecia:

Lemon &  Pepper seeds: This is the best natural medicine for alopecia. Grind both lemon and pepper seed together with little water and make it a paste. Apply this gently where alopecia problems are there. It will hurt a bit. But it makes the blood circulation in those areas and hair will be grown. Do this weekly twice.

Licorice (Adhimadhuram in Tamil): Grind the Licorice with the little milk and European saffron and apply this mix to alopecia. Do this before going to sleep. Once wake up wash with cool water.

Onion: Onion is also a better medicine. Apply and gently rub on alopecia until these areas become reddish. Then rub honey on those areas. Do this daily morning and evening.

Toor dal: Make the toor dal paste and apply it to alopecia during the bath. You will see a big difference.

To get healthy hair:

  1. Mix coconut oil with lemon juice and apply this mix during the bath. This will avoid hair falling and hair will grow well.

  2. Marinate Urad dal and onion mix and grind. Apply this paste on the head and keep for an hour and wash it. You will get longer hair.

  3. Apply castor oil to hair daily. You will get beautiful and get rid of limp hair.