Many of us know about the reason behind this. But, this is for who don’t know.

Sitting on the floor while eating is one of the important culture in Tamilnadu(South India). Nowadays buying a dining table became an essential requirement for home. It has become fashionable to serve food for guests at the dining table.

Earlier serving the food in the banana leaf on the floor is an honor. Now it became Dining table. Is it a right way? What’s the purpose our ancestors followed that way? The simple reason is, We need to fold the legs at least while eating.

If we hang the legs while eating, the most flood flow will go to the legs instead of the abdominal area. So it will delay digestion.

If we fold the legs while eating the flood flow will be stopped to the legs and the entire blood circulation will happen in the abdominal area. So while eating, the digestion will start in parallel. So that our ancestors recommended this way of eating!! If you like this information, share and comments with your friends and relatives.